Okay no need to worry about Habs scoring

Posted: April 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Okay everyone stand down. We no longer need to worry about the Habs scoring. On Thursday, I whipped off a post suggesting there were some issues with the Canadiens’ scoring touch or the lack there-of. But upon further investigation, after a few pints at Ye Olde Orchard while watching Thursday’s game with fellow Habs fanatics Bruce Dinsmore and Avi Goldberg, and an oh-so-narrow Habs victory over the Tampa Lightning, I have concluded that we don’t need to lose any sleep over the fact that Tomas Plekanec only has 13 goals.

I had compared the Habs scorers this year with the Cup-winning squad from 92-93 and noticed that we had some serious scoring going on that year from chaps like My Cousin Vinnie Damphousse, Kirk (Is Work) Muller, Brian Bellows and Stephan Lebeau (eds. note: Who dat?).

But my pal Simon Boisvert, who has quite the hockey mind, tweeted to point out that the average goals per game in 1992-1993 was 7.25. Today it is 5.5. So he says, and it’s hard to argue with him, that you have to multiply today’s stats by 1.3 to compare with 92-93.

In other words, 30 goals today is like 40 goals in 92-93.

Then another fine hockey mind – hey maybe just a fine mind! – weighed in, with philosophy prof Daniel Weinstock throwing a Kantian spin on the argument. Here’s what he wrote:

“Hmmm. On the other hand, don’t the Canadians have the most players with 20 points of any team in the league? And isn’t that what you want? Balanced offense, rather than leaning on one line, like the Tampa Bay Lightning, who have 2 of the top 3 scorers in the league, but who will be nowhere near the playoffs? How are the Habs doing in terms of total goals? Not too bad, I think. Look at it this way: the Habs scored 8 goals in the three last games. If you are getting half-way decent goaltending in this League, that means you are 2-1, or maybe at worst 1-1-1. Not 0-3. 0-3 is what happens, if, of I don’t know, your two goalies are .800 in save percentage over those three games. .800!!!!! Yes, it would ne nice to have a Stamkos wearing the holy flannel. But overall the offensive game of the Habs is way up from where it was last year. Those three blowouts or near blowouts were about goaltending.”

(Daniel’s comment was made before the Thursday night win.)

The other comment on the blog was more succinct but made the same point. J.G. Thibault wrote:

“Montreal are 4th with goal per game average (3.07). They don’t have any top scorer, but all lines are putting up some points in a regular basis.”

Plus Montreal won, Brian Gionta scored two goals, and Carey Price had a very good game (even if he did have a little help from his friends, the goalposts).

So we’re not in panic mode this morning. We’ll save that for Saturday night……when the boys face the surging Washington Capitals.

Though if I was to be nasty, mean, brutish and short, I could mention that it took a desperation last-minute goal to beat a team that’s sitting in 13th place in the East with 38 points, 21 points behind the Habs. But I’m not mean so I won’t mention that.


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