Now might be a good time for Habs fans to panic

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I got lucky tonight. I went to see the new Tom Cruise movie called Oblivion – a mildly entertaining slice of mindless sci-fi action – instead of watching the Habs playing their way to their own state of oblivion.

I did catch the end of the game and the highlights on L’Antichambre, along with the brilliant analysis – #joke – from the AC crew. They actually spent minutes trashing P.K. Subban – led by Carbo – for daring to laugh at the end of his fight with Brenden Morrow. Like that was the night’s biggest problem. Carbonneau actually said something to the effect that this horrific crime committed by Subban makes you understand why Subban is one of the most hated players in the league. It’s unbelievable the amount of crap P.K. has to take.

So what’s to say. 18 goals against the Habs in three games. There’s no other goalie to go to now. There’s no plan B. The same for the defence. Who knew Emelin was holding the entire team together?

On the upside, the Stanley Cup made a guest appearance on L’Antichambre. It even had its own seat. And it had its own ‘manchette’, something about coming back to Montreal in July. Right now, that’s not looking so likely.

So what does Therrien do? Some creative screaming at the top of his lungs might help. Maybe smash the 24CH cameras once and for all. Bring Kaberle out of mouthballs? (That’s another joke.)

Start Budaj against Tampa Bay Thursday? Call up actor and goalie Bruce Dinsmore from the farm-team on the outdoor rink in Hudson?

I say – think outside the box Michel! Who you gonna call? Tom Cruise. Hey he knows his hockey. He spent part of his childhood in Ottawa. And in Oblivion – spoiler alert – he saves the world pretty well single-handedly. And he nabs a saucy Eastern European Bond babe along the way. So bring in the Cruise-man. You heard it here first.


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