Habs goalie debate goes into overdrive with decision to bench Price

Posted: April 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Wow. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. This really is a new-era Canadiens. Michel Therrien announced Tuesday that Peter Budaj will be getting the start Wednesday night against the best team in the East, the soaring Pittsburgh Penguins.

That’s right, they’re benching Carey Price after two fairly disastrous performances, against Toronto Saturday and Philadelphia Monday. Let’s make something crystal clear here – in the G&G/Gainey & Gauthier era, this would never have happened. Those managers always defended Price no matter what – remember Gainey’s infamous “thoroughbred” comment?

But this is just the latest example of the Marc Bergevin/Therrien philosophy. If you don’t play up to snuff, you sit. And now they’re applying the idea to the team’s franchise player.

And I think that’s great. I was having a rather animated chat in a cafe Tuesday – hey that’s how I spend my days – and one of the themes was this strange uncritical adulation of Price amongst so many Montreal fans. Price is treated like the re-incarnation of Plante, Dryden and Roy yet, oddly enough, he has neither the stats nor the Cup wins to justify that kind of adulation.

So I say give Budaj a shot in Pittsburgh. But it’s true the coach may be playing with fire here. What if Price goes into a funk over this and keeps letting those pucks slip between his legs? Do you then tear a page from 2010 and ride the Slovak back-up through the playoffs?

Well we’re still a long way from that. Let’s see what happens in Steel Town and then see how Price responds when he gets the starts Thursday in Montreal versus Tampa Bay.

Bottomline? You can’t just sit there and watch Price deliver sub-par performances. And I for one am happy new management has the cojones to make these tough decisions.


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