Marc-André Grondin, Jay Baruchel and the Stanley Cup

Posted: April 16, 2013 in Uncategorized
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After the very weak second goal on Carey Price Monday night, I tweeted to say, quite rightly might I add: ‘Ok that was a total crap goal. Looked a lot like Price circa Saturday night.’

To which Marc-André Grondin replied: ‘Jay and I say shut up (and see you tomorrow).’

Me and Marc-André have been arguing about Carey Price for a couple of years. I’m a #Halak kind of guy. Marc-André thinks I’m a Price-hater.

When I met with Grondin and his good pal Jay Baruchel Tuesday, they told me they were together at the Canadiens-Flyers game Monday night, along with fellow actor Rob Naylor and Baruchel’s screenwriting pal Jesse Chabot.

Luckily Monday we didn’t talk about Carey Price’s recent melt-down. The meeting was set up by the National Hockey League to get two of Quebec best actors together with the real-life Stanley Cup and they talked about what that Cup meant to them. That story will be in the Gaz close to the start of the playoffs April 30.


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