Frankie Bouillon fight defining moment for new-look Habs

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Uncategorized
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It wasn’t the most exciting game Thursday night. The sagging Buffalo Sabres didn’t come out to play and the Canadiens easily cruised to a 5-1 win. Though perhaps lacking in real competition, it was still nice to see the Habs whacking Buffalo in such definitive fashion given all the trouble the Sabres have caused for the Canadiens this year. Also mighty nice to see P.K. Subban score his 11th goal of the season – the most for any D-man in the league – with that blast of his from the blueline.

Oh and the win did snare the Habs a place in the playoffs – which is, come to think of it, a cause for major-league celebration. But we all knew that was coming.

But the most significant moment came when Steve Ott layed on a ferocious hit on wee Brendan Gallagher. Our pesky rookie winger of course just bounced back up with that big loopy grin of his and was no worse for the wear-and-tear. But Francis Bouillon – another excellent Marc Bergevin pick-up – was having none of this. He was only too happy to drop the gloves and this was not one of those goofy staged NHL fights.

Frankie Bouillon was lashing out with some downright angry punches. This is the new-look Habs. Bouillon Cube was saying – if you touch Gallagher, you’ll pay the price.

And this is a new thing. For years, the Habs have played soft, encouraged by management – hello Mr. Gainey – who insisted you don’t need to be tough to win. (It remains one of the mysteries of recent Habs history how one of the toughest players ever became the poster-boy for small wimpy Habs teams. But I digress.)

In recent years, players would run over Carey Price and Pricey’s team-mates would stand around pretending not to notice. Zdeno Chara nearly kills Max Pacioretty? Hmmm let’s go have another sip from the water bottle.

All of a sudden Montreal has a real TEAM. These guys stand up for each other. Guys like Bouillon and Brandon Prust, neither of whom is huge, don’t put up with any crap. And that lets the skill guys play their game.

Seems to work. Last time I checked, Les Boys are in sole possession of first place in the Northeast.

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