A game-changer of a Habs-Bruins game

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So what does that classic Canadiens Bruins game Wednesday mean for the Habs nation moving forward? Is it time to cancel that trip to Italy in late June and stay close to home just in case there’s a parade? Should I tell my son he is no longer allowed to cheer for the Bruins under threat of eviction?

Well for one thing Montreal now has sole possession of first place in the Northeast, one point ahead of the dreaded Bs. But there’s lots of time for that to change and remember Boston still has a game in hand.

No the real thing is – we’re in their heads, as Annakin Slayd so memorably put it. This is the second straight time that Les Boys have pulled out a startling come-from-behind win at the TD Garden in Beantown, following that inspirational 4-3 victory a few weeks back.

If I’m Boston – and really I’m not – I don’t want to meet the Canadiens in the first round this year because it looks like our team is back to their old tricks of somehow/anyhow beating the Bruins even though they have no reasonable right to. I have a hazy memory that Red Fisher may have written a column – or 200 – on a certain infamous playoff series in 1971 when the dominant Bruins – hello Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr and Gerry Cheevers – were deep-sixed by an under-rated Canadiens squad featuring a chap between the pipes named Ken Dryden.

So is the Habs jinx back working again after a couple of seasons when it was in the repair shop? The jinx on the Bruins most certainly wasn’t working in 2011 when if there was any poetic justice, the good guys would’ve won to give the Bs some karmic payback for Zdeno Chara’s dangerous hit on Max Pacioretty that year. The Habs lost, in overtime, in game seven, in a heartbreaker. Even more heartbreaking, the Bruins went on to win the Cup that year, which is just not right by any defintion of the word ‘right’.

It’s funny how much we hate the Bruins eh? A friend was telling me how happy he was that Jarome Iginla went to the Penguins rather than the Bruins. Now logically Habs fans shouldn’t be happy that Iggy went to either of these Eastern Conference rivals given that Montreal has to battle it out with both clubs. But we’re just happy Boston was deprived of the star veteran. Hey sports fandom isn’t supposed to be rational.

So was Wednesday night a turning point? Was this game a game-changer? Or did Brendan Gallagher – my hero! – just get lucky putting that piece of rubber through Tuukka Rask’s five hole and the whole team get lucky when that big lunkhead Chara scored on his own net in the dying seconds of the game?

Me I don’t think luck had anything to do with it. The jinx is back in full operation. We’re in their heads.



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