Let us now praise Lars Eller

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

What can you do with this year’s Habs? Try as I do to be negative and grumpy, it’s simply not possible with these Canadiens.

Take Lars Eller for example. You know me. #Halak is my middle name so I’ve been grumbly about our Danish forward ever since he arrived here. But even I gotta admit this guy is playing some fine hockey ever since kindly ol’ coach Michel Therrien gave him a wake-up call early in the season with a little creative benching.

Eller played a monster game Wednesday night, moving the puck around like nobody’s business. There was a moment in the third when it looked like no one on the Sens could take the puck off him and he was the anchor of the night’s top line, flanked by newbie Gabriel Dumont and Alex Galchenyuk. Eller banged in the first goal of the night on a play that was created entirely by Dumont’s hard work around the net.

And then there was Eller’s just gorgeous shootout goal that won the game for the Habs, who had blown a big lead (okay we did need a little negativity in there).


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