I don’t like losing Erik Cole

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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O.K. I can see that on paper this looks like a good trade. It’s all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny, as Grandmaster Flash said so many years ago. Erik Cole is traded to Dallas for Michael Ryder and Montreal saves a shite load of dough.

Cole has two more years on his contract, at $4.5 million a year. Ryder’s contract is up this year. So next season, the Habs have $4.5 million more to spend and they’ve also now got another $4.5 million the next season. That’s great for the team. Ryder will only cost them $3.5 million and they don’t have to keep him after this year.

So it’s a smart move on the part of Marc Bergevin. Folks were calling in to TSN 690 to say that Bergevin fleeced the Stars and their trusted advisor Bob Gainey. And I’d be happy to see Gainey lose out on this one after all the damage he’s done to this team. And the Stars probably are the losers here.

But I have a bad feeling on this one. I really like Erik Cole. I know he’s had a crap start to the year but he always has crap starts. But he’s a character guy on a team that doesn’t have many characters guys.

Like you tell me who gets up in the dressing room and tells the guys what’s what. After that horrendous 6-0 loss to the Leafs, it was, so we’re told, Cole who rallied the boys, by new-media no less. Like who gives that pep talk if it isn’t Cole? Markov? I don’t think so. Gorges? No.

And I love the way Cole plays. You gotta love a guy who never stick handles. He just barrels his way down on the right boards, smashing his way through the opposing players and ends up scoring a bunch of goals.

Hey I like Ryder too. I have a soft spot for Newfoundland. My brother lives in St. John’s and he’s living at my house right now with his pure laine Newfoundland family and so I’m happy to have a guy from The Rock on Les Habs. And he did score 30 goals a couple of times for Les Boys.

But I’ll miss Erik Cole, that’s all I’m saying.

And you know what? Why the hell do you make a major trade when you’re in first place in your conference? That’s effin crazy stuff. That’s almost Gauthier-like nuttiness. There I said it. I have bad feeling on this. Man I hope I’m wrong.


  1. josh says:

    now are you worried? ryder plus a third rounder for cole who has registered 10 points in 36 games.

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