A pleasant, if sleepy, night at the Bell Centre

Posted: February 19, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I took my son to the Rotisserie Italienne on the way to the Habs game tonight in part because this old-school Ste. Catherine St. eatery is a great, reasonably-priced place to grab a quick bite. But mostly I brought Keane there because I remember eating there so many times before games at the old Forum a few blocks west of the resto.

I even went there with my dad once before taking him to a Bruins game at the Forum. We had a great time. You have to understand that my dad was never a hockey fan – unsurprising for a guy who grew up in an isolated fishing village on the west coast of Scotland during the Great Depression. He actually has never been an organized-sports kind of guy but we had a great dinner that night and had even more fun in the blues at the Forum soaking up the party that was going on around us. Dad might not know a face-off from a penalty shot but he knows a good party when he sees one.

Keane liked the Rotisserie – though he preferred my penne arrabiata to his Napolitana pizza, which I should have advised him not to take because anchovies and kids just don’t mix.

And the game? Well it was a sleepy first two periods and then the Habs exploded for three goals to blank the Carolina Hurricanes 3-0, winning their fourth in a row. Montreal is back in first in the Northeast and second in the East. Brandon Prust slammed one in following some amazing stick-handling from Alex Galchenyuk, Tomas Plekanec rocketed one in off of Cam Ward’s shoulder and then just seconds later Max Pacioretty finally scored his first of the season with a blooper lobbed in from the red line. Gotta wonder if that flukey goal will open the floodgates for Patch.

Seeing the game in the flesh, we got to appreciate some of the unsung heroes like Josh Gorges, who just plays such a solid game on every single shift. He’s anything but flashy but man does he get the job done in his own zone. And Galchenyuk creates chances every time he touches the puck. Peter Budaj wasn’t tested all that much but when he was, he looked very, very good, something we haven’t said that often over the past couple of seasons.

And the Bell Centre beer? Glad you asked. I ordered a large – un gros – but when I saw the size of this Super-Sized Molson, I sent it back. Really. Okay the $15 price tag had me worried but have you seen the size of these things? It was a lethal weapon. So I had the mini beer which only set me back eleven bucks! 🙂



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