Remember last Sunday morning? We were hungover after that 6-0 shellacking of the Habs by the Toronto Maple Leafs and looking at a sad-sack team that had lost three straight.

This Sunday morning, we’re feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, with a new spring in our step following Montreal’s easy 4-1 win over our arch-rivals the Philadelphia Flyers (who I think we can say really are our most hated foes).

Better yet, this is the team’s third straight win of the week, good enough to put Les Boys one point up on the Boston Bruins (our second most hated foes) in the Northeast division. That’s right – the Canadiens are in first place in the friggin division with a 9-4-1 record and 19 points. And they’re in second place in the Eastern conference!

Two things. One, I’m super happy. Really. You may say I’m a hater but I’m not. I want the Habs to do well. Really. And this improbably strong start to this shortened season is great, great news. There’s a new management team in town and they appear not to be nearly as crazy as the old bosses. This is good. Under the new regime, you do things like other NHL teams. Scott Gomez is washed up and costs too much money, so you make him walk the plank. Tomas Kaberle is as useful as a block of wood on the ice so you sit him in the press box.

And you gotta love Brendan Gallagher. Going into the season, the buzz was all about Alex Galchenyuk, and he’s gonna be a superstar too, but right now you have to just sit back, look at little Gallagher and say – ‘Man he’s unreal’. Five goals, including that beauty Saturday night where he ripped off a wrister that Boucher didn’t even see. So there are lots of positives.

But…..and you knew there was gonna be a but……let’s just remain calm here, not something that comes easily to Montrealers in general and Montreal Canadiens fans in particular. Look at this week. The Habs came really close to losing that game in Tampa Tuesday, looking oh-so-much like last year’s psycho lead-blowing team and then needed to get to overtime to prevail over the Panthers – who’re in 13th place this morning! – in maybe the most boring game of the season.

And last night the Flyers looked a lot like a team’s that 6-9-1 and have lost three of their last four games. They were outshot 29-19 and for large chunks of the game – hello first period! – the Phillie players looked like they were already dreaming of the post-game lap-dances at Chez Pare.

So yeah I’m happy but let’s hold off planning the parade route for the moment.


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