And the million-dollar question is – can Coach Therrien get the bus repaired by the time the Habs lace-up Tuesday in sunny Florida to face the Lightning?

Saturday night’s 6-0 humiliation at the hands of the Leafs leaves the Canadiens in seventh place in the east and Toronto in fifth. Worse Montreal is just two points out of 11th place. Worse yet that’s three straight losses for Les Boys, making them just about as mediocre and uninspiring as that faux reality show 24CH.

If only Michel Therrien had followed my advice and let Ryan White play Saturday! Before you fire off an angry email, that last line was my attempt at a little gallows humour. Though even the new tougher Habs seemed small compared to these Leafs and when wee Brendan Gallagher has to get into the fisticuffs, well you know you have a problem in the tough-guy department. (Though you have to love this rookie. He crashes the net, scores beautiful goals, is willing to go mano-a-mano with much bigger guys. He’s effin amazing.)

But other than Gallagher’s spirit, there were simply no positive to take home from this Nightmare on Canadiens Ave. Erik Cole looked horrible. Andrei Markov made big mistakes. Subban had the big shots but they just couldn’t get beyond Optimus Reim. (To be honest, James Reimer was fairly spectacular, particularly in the second when he faced 20 shots, many of them quite dangerous. Montreal out-shot T.O. 37-27 and Reimer got a shutout so clearly he was on his game.)

At the other end, Carey Price was just ordinary. Oh and why did Therrien keep him in when it was 4-zip and the Habs were going nowhere fast? That’s one that folks will be talking about in the coming days, just like they second-guessed his poor choice of snipers in the shootout Thursday in Buffalo. Is the Therrien honeymoon over? To ask the question is to answer it.

Leave it to ‘What Me Worry’ Price to put it in perspective. Mr. Chill Out was his usual West Coast surfer dude personality in the room after the loss, saying: “That was a tough one but we can’t let it get us down.”

He’s right but I preferred Josh Gorges’s anger. He was just livid and maybe that’s what these Habs need to be. Did you hear what he said about Grabovski (apparently) biting Pacioretty?

“If you get in there, stand up for yourself, be a man, drop your gloves, and you’ll have respect. But bite somebody? That doesn’t belong in our league.”

I like that. As John Lydon memorably sang with PiL, “Anger is an energy” and heaven knows this team needs a little energy right now.

If there’s a silver lining here (and there isn’t really but let’s stretch reality), it’s that the Leafs proved to be their usual classless selves late in this game. Did you see Don Cherry’s best friend Colton Orr trying to end Plekanec’s career by going knee-to-knee? And then there’s Michael Kostka pounding out the much smaller Gallagher. Yeah you’re a tough guy! Orr also takes a run at Brian Gionta, who’s the same pint-size as Gallagher. Then there’s Grabovski doing his vampire routine. Franchement. It is nice to be reminded why we loathe these Leafs so much.

But if the silver lining is that we’re reminded we hate the Loafs, that’s not much of a silver lining. It was brutal.

Let’s give the last word to Bob Dylan.

“She knows there’s no success like failure and that failure’s no success at all.”

You need it in simpler terms?


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