Let Ryan White play against Toronto

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Can we cut Ryan White some slack? White is public enemy No. 1 in Habsdom with everyone, from the coach on down, dumping on the tough forward.

Yes White got a really dumb – D-U-M-B everyone’s accusing me, sang The Ramones – four-minute penalty Thursday night in Buffalo and the Sabres scored during the penalty. But he’s not the only reason they lost the game.

I think Michel Therrien was way too rough on White in his post-game scrum. Man did the coach looked depressed when he was talking about White.

“Ça fait trois fois que ça arrive. La première fois, j’ai discuté avec lui. La deuxième, je lui envoyé  un message. La troisième….il est mieux de comprendre.”

Rough translation: I’m really peeved off with this guy. Less rough translation: This has happened three times. The first time, I talked to him. The second, I sent him a message. The third, well it’s time for him to figure it out.

But the Habs didn’t lose the game because of White. They lost the game because they blew a third-period 4-2 lead. They lost because Thomas Vanek scored a controversial goal with 1.9 seconds remaining. Blowing a 4-2 lead – man that was a familiar feeling, sadly enough, for anyone who had the misfortune of watching last year’s sad-sack Hab-nots.

You could just as easily say the Canadiens did not come home with two points because Therrien didn’t send out the hot hands of Brendan Gallagher and Tomas Plekanec in the shoot-out. Sending out Brian Gionta? I say bench Therrien Saturday night against the Leafs.

Give White another chance. But if he goes all boneheaded on us again Saturday night, feel free to give him a one-way-ticket to Hamilton. Or worse – make him watch L’Antichambre every night for the duration of the season.

White isn’t the problem. The problem is a team that blew leads to lose games two nights running. No the wheels aren’t coming off the bus. Rather this is The Team That Fell to Earth. Last weekend’s euphoria hit the bathroom floor like a frat boys’ projectile you-know-what after a heavy night at the punch bowl.

Don’t panic. And don’t beat up on White. Just saying. Actually you wanna bench someone, bench wee Davey Desharnais. There I said it.

  1. Yves Lachance says:

    You are contradicting yourself, “they didn’t lost because of White they lost because they blew a 4-2 lead” you say. Well, the first of those two goals was scored on a power-play when White was serving a penalty that yourself called “dumb”. Without it the fourth (controversial) goal would have been a non-story. And the reason why people are so upset is that it happened two games in a row, both time a double-minor, both time after a bone-head play. I have defended White after the first time, but twice in two games after being punished? I am surprised that you don’t understand the obvious. And I am also surprised that you suggest benching David Desharnais instead of White, with his three goals he is third among forwards at equality with Rene Bourque,and he is his just returning to his true form and was our no.1 centre last year while White is barely a fourth line player. And by the way his name is David, not Davey. Try to show minimal respect for someone’s cultural identity for god’s sake, you work in Montreal. That habit of English journalists to give an English twist to french names every time they have a chance is truly annoying.

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