Jay Baruchel sounds off on Scott Gomez, P.K. Subban and the 2013 Habs

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Jay Baruchel in the Jacob Tierney film Good Neighbours. Courtesy of Alliance Films.

Jay Baruchel in the Jacob Tierney film Good Neighbours. Courtesy of Alliance Films.

I had a good long chat with my old pal Jay Baruchel Thursday night and we talked at length about Hugh MacLennan’s classic novel Two Solitudes, which Baruchel will be defending in a couple of weeks on CBC Radio One lit contest Canada Reads. You can read all about that in my Monday Show Biz Chez Nous column in the Gazette.

But enough of that high-falutin’ literary stuff. Here’s what Montreal actor and obsessive Habs fan Baruchel – who has starred in Million Dollar Baby, The Trotsky, Tropic Thunder, Knocked Up, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Goon – had to say about the Habs, starting with his thoughts on Scott Gomez being bought out and then signing for minimum wage for the San Jose Sharks. I told him even I wouldn’t bother tying up my skates for a paltry $700,000 a season.

“In any city that isn’t Montreal, without the weight of that albatross contract, he will be an effective role player,” said Baruchel, on the phone from L.A. “That’s the perfect team and contract for him to get. As far as I’m concerned, he’s something of a dud. But who knows. Anchoring a third line, that’s a veteran with experience. I wouldn’t be surprised that he has a quiet year, better than his seasons with us, but he’d be the kind of guy on that team to have a quiet year and then do something in the playoffs. Or he’ll be an absolute bust there too. At $700,000 for one year there with no strings attached, I think he might be effective, which would be, uh, maddening.”

But more importantly, I just had to ask Baruchel what his views were on the soap opera that is As P.K. Turns and I was actually pretty surprised by his tough words re Subban.

“Yeah I have to pick my words carefully because he’s someone who’s at least something of an acquaintance if not a friend, but the fan in me is being driven up the wall. Well you know hubris is a hell of a thing.”

I suggest Baruchel may have run it to a little of that particular quality in his travels in Hollywood.

“Yeah maybe once or twice,” said Baruchel, laughing. “It can do crazy things. It can make lions of lambs and vice versa. I want very much for everybody to come to some kind of agreement so that we don’t have to waste one more game without him in a Habs jersey. I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’s annoying/stressing me out.”

That’s the bad news. The good news, adds Baruchel, is that he watched Tuesday night’s romp over the Florida Panthers and like all of us, Baruchel liked what he saw.

“Listen they’re a different team, the on-ice product, the statement they’re making with their play is different than its been in a while. They’re exciting and they’re fierce. The last time they had this kind of flavour to them…..”

Then he stopped. I figured he was going to say 92-93 but he censored himself.

“Of course it’s hard to tell from two games. The last time they had this kind of flavour to them we did pretty well. It’s a hard-nosed team and we can’t keep putting out the smallest team in hockey. That being said there’s some really talented players in those small guys. What we’ve done is created the proper team that allows them to do their thing while being terrifying to play against. It’s really exciting.”



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