Happy new year Habs fans

Posted: January 1, 2013 in Uncategorized

I figure we should start the year off on a positive note. ‘Cause heaven knows, we’ll have plenty of time to be super negative in the 364 days to come. Out on the rink the other day, my friend Brendan – yes I do really have a pal named Brendan – posed the following philosophical question (hey that’s his style, he’s kind of the Descartes of Beaconsfield!): ‘Which would you rather have? Hockey comes back and the Habs finish last? Or no hockey season?’

Good question eh? I of course immediately replied that I’d take that 50-game season with Nos Glorieux finishing dead last. As you know, it doesn’t take much to get me into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage – hey I’m born in Glasgow pal (eds. note: He’s right. Rent Trainspotting now!) – and that can power many a good blog. So a year of raging at the Canadiens sad-sack management had its moments and I’m up for more of the same.

But honestly I’d rather that Les Boys don’t finish in the cellar again. I really think we’ve got a decent shot at 12th place in the East this year. Just kidding. You know what? We could make the playoffs, with ‘could’ being the operative word. Fact is a shortened schedule might help the Habs. The one thing that’s for sure is a lot of weird things will happen in a half-season season.

Like some over-achieving team goes on an unlikely two-week winning streak and all of a sudden they’re way ahead of the A-list teams.

Other positives? Malcolm Subban will NOT be between the pipes for the Bruins this year. Gomer is a half-season closer to leaving Montreal forever. Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier will now be doing his best to ruin the Chicago Blackhawks NOT the Montreal Canadiens. Hottie Marc Bergevin will spark a boom in femme interest in the Habs.

Brandon Prust and Marie-Pier Morin will become the city’s IT couple (eds. note: They kind of already are. See Urbania photo shoot.). Francis ‘Cube’ Bouillon will show much grit and heart, underlining that Bob ‘Elvis Has Left the Building’ Gainey was so wrong when he dumped Frankie for no good reason.

And we’ll trade Price for Halak.

That last one was a joke. I just had to thrown that one in there. I haven’t managed to rile up Marc-Andre Grondin for a few months. Let’s keep Price.

– Brendan



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