Why aren’t the Habs supporting the Montreal Stars?

Posted: November 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The Montreal Stars celebrating winning the Clarkson Cup. Photo by Brandon Taylor.

You might have seen the news a few days back. The Calgary Flames and the Toronto Maple Leafs both announced that they were going to help out their local women’s hockey teams.

The Leafs will be giving $30,000 a year to the Canadian Women’s Hockey League for the next five years, while the Flames will be doling out $20,000 annually to the femme league for each of the next four years. In addition, both teams will be helping out their local women’s teams, the Furies in Toronto and the Alberta club that is yet to be named, by marketing the teams.

Kim St-Pierre playing for Montreal Stars. Photo by Brandon Taylor.

This was big news for a hockey league that is notably short of cash. So what’s up with the Montreal Canadiens? Why aren’t the Habs doing something similar to help out the Montreal Stars?

The Stars are our city’s reps in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and they’ve made all kinds of gains in recent years in terms of garnering attention ’round these parts. But they remain woefully underfunded.

It would be a natural for the Canadiens to give the Stars a hand. Let’s face it. The public isn’t feeling particularly warm and fuzzy about the Habs and their owners right at this point. In case you didn’t notice, there’s no NHL hockey right now and fans are mighty peeved with the owners for allowing this lockout to drag endlessly (and needlessly).

So talk about a great way for the Habs to do something positive for the local community. They’ll look like white knights giving the Stars some much-needed dough and it also can’t hurt the club in terms of increasing its profile with female Montrealers.

Blogger Tony “Ken” Patoine writes that the Canadiens are already in talks with the Stars and the Canadian Women’s Hockey League and here’s hoping that’s actually the case. There’s only upside here for the Habs. And they’re going to need as much public good-will as possible when hockey finally returns.

So why haven’t the Habs made a deal with the Stars? It’s a no-brainer.

– Brendan

  1. Problem is, the Habs claim they’re waiting for the lockout to end to see what are the «paramètres financiers en vigueur» (La Presse Canadienne, Nov. 14th) before resuming talks with the league and the Stars.

    I guess they don’t know yet if they have 30 K to spare… Pretty scary notion if you’re a Habs fan!

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