A modest proposal to express hockey fans’ anger over the lockout

Posted: November 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Montreal actor Bruce Dinsmore sent me a great idea on Facebook on the weekend and I thought I’d pass it along.

Are you seriously p.o.’d about the hockey lock-out? Course you are. So let’s express that anger when the game comes back – whether it’s in December, 2012 or October, 2013. Here’s Bruce’s brilliant idea.

“One thing that ‘s clear to me in all this lockout nonsense is that we the fans, we who love the game, need to organize a gesture of disgust when (if) a deal is reached and pucks are dropped. The players and owners need to taste the wrath of the average Joe and Jane.

“Here’s my idea: remember the bus lady who was taunted and the dude from Toronto raised 700,000 real dollars for her? We create a site where the average (let’s for simplicity limit this idea to the Habs only) fan can pony up whatever they can, 5 bucks, 10, 20, whatever, and we create a pool for season ticket holders who send us their tix for let’s say the first 3 home games after a settlement, and we refund them a proportionate amount with the aim of emptying the Bell Centre for those 3 first games.

“You hold a media event outside, burn the tickets and Bettman in effigy and send a clear message. Don’t ever hijack our game again!! I know it’s not perfect. The vendors get it in the shorts, but the non-attending fans could watch at downtown establishments. Imagine the visual punch of the Centre Bell as near to empty as possible. People would have to buy in (metaphorically and fiscally) but it would be cool to have our say, and if any fans around the league can pull it off, it’s Habs’ fans.”

Brilliant no? Bruce is a man after my own heart. I famously suggested we boycott the first Habs’ game after the Halak trade. Alas that little hockey revolt came to naught. So what do you think?

Bruce, by the way, plays hockey. He’s a goalie. He’s also an actor. He was most recently at La Licorne in Grains and he was in the Muse-produced TV movie Exploding Sun. But all you really need to know about Bruce is that he plays Paul Revere – !- in Assassin’s Creed III.

So let’s send a message to Bettman!

– Brendan


  1. Yann says:

    That is a great idea. I intend to never put money in the NHL again and, right now, even no watching a game ever again. So that is my way of showing those morons what I think of them. I hope this idea materialize and will watch how it rolls so I can put a few bucks to empty the Bell Center. What a great sight it would be.

    Another idea, even harder to realize. People should stop eating and drinking in the Bell Center. Thos revenue losses will teach them a great lesson.

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