Allan Walsh makes no apologies for using social media to air his views on the lock-out

Posted: November 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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National Hockey League player agent Allan Walsh is big on Twitter. Some 11,600 tweets in, he’s one of the most active hockey agents on the social-media platform and since the start of the lockout, he’s launched a steady stream of tweets aggressively attacking the owners’ hardline stance.

Some – not me – have taken him to task on this, most notably TSN star Darren Dreger, who suggested Walsh was shilling for the NHLPA. Walsh shot back – on Twitter, where else? – suggesting Dreger was the one doing the shilling, for the League, which provides him with most of his scoops.

Walsh represents a number of top NHL players, including Marc-Andre Fleury, Martin Havlat, Patrick Elias, David Perron and my main man Jaroslav Halak.

On the phone Friday from Los Angeles, Walsh said he doesn’t worry too much about the fact some don’t dig his openly subjective tweets.

“I never really think about it,” said Walsh. “The one thing I’ve never done is worry about what people think. I learned that long ago. If you worry about what people think, then you’re not really being true to yourself and true to your beliefs and true to your clients. At times perhaps I’ve taken an unpopular position, not just with the CBA but generally speaking, and I’m OK with that.”

So what do you say to those, like Dreger, who suggest you’re just spouting the NHLPA party line?

“My response would be is that you obviously don’t get what I do for my career. I am somebody who represents players. I support the players and I support the NHLPA. What has occurred at times is because I’m sharing a platform with a lot of media, sometimes I feel people think I’m a journalist or should be judged by journalistic standards. I’m not a journalist. I put right up on my Twitter bio what my mission statement is. There’s no hiding the ball at all. My bias is on my tweets.

“What I’m doing is I’m advancing arguments on behalf on my clients, on behalf of the players, and I’m using my opinions. I’m not speaking directly for my players. There are a lot of people out there giving the owners position. And there’s not as many people advocating the players’ position. So I’m advocating the players’ position. And some people see that and say: ‘Well you’re biased. You’re not being fair. You’re not being objective.’ You’re right.”

He’s made some great points in the past weeks about the damage Gary ‘I hate hockey’ Bettman and his cronies are doing to the League. I’ll have a follow-up blog with some of the highlights from our conversation about the negotiations.

You know what? I like advocates. Nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and sticking to it. Plus, Allan Walsh just happens to be right – this ugly lockout is all about union-busting and that’s just plain wrong. More on that later!



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