Lockout has some unexpected (and some expected) side-effects

Posted: November 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

OK some of the side-effects are obvious. Beer sales are down! Uh duh! But here’s a weird one. 98.5 FM morning man Paul Arcand and sports columnist Rejean Tremblay were saying they’d both heard – from reliable sources, like nurses – that traffic was up big-time at the province’s emergency rooms.

Can you believe that? So apparently even hurt or sick, folks won’t go to the hospital when the Habs are playing. That’s how serious we take our hockey here.

On the beer front, Molson Coors is reporting that sales are down big-time for its premium brands across Canada. Molson execs says the sales are down everywhere in Canada. And they plan to ask the National Hockey League for some financial compensation once this thing is resolved.

The silver lining is that the two sides are actually talking – there was another marathon session of talks in snow-covered New York on Wednesday and those negotiations will continue in earnest today.

– Brendan


  1. Yves Giroux says:

    Molson-Coors should have their market crash and burn. If fans would be a bit more conscious, they would boycott all business owned by NHL owners and make a clear point about it. These people are holding our game hostage, it’s high time we make them feel we care about it in a way they understand.

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