Are the Habs really gonna trade P.K. Subban to Philadelphia?

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized
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In the immortal words of Murray Head – ‘Say it aint’s so!’.

Rumours today suggest the Habs are going to trade P.K. Subban to Philadelphia. Any truth to this? I doubt it. Why? Well firstly I don’t think Habs management is completely insane. Because P.K. is the franchise player man. You just don’t get rid of this guy.

But if he’s not being traded, what’s goinig on? We’re just days before the lock-out – or if we’re lucky the beginning of the pre-season – and P.K. is still not signed.

Like what the hell is up with that? Earth to Habs management – P.K. is your franchise player. Oh you think it’s P.K.’s pal Pricey? Maybe. I hope so. But the Rodeo King remains an unproven commodity. I feel it in my bones. P.K. is a superstar.

So why isn’t he signed wih the Habs? If he heads elsewhere, it’ll take years for the Habs to recover. Does he have too much personality for the Habs? We all know les Canadiens don’t like players with personality – they’ve spent the past 20 years firing whoever had a bit of spark. You need names?

Chelios, Corson, Ribeiro. And are we adding Subban to the list? I hope not.

    • Yats says:

      Completely agree! And you can add Maxim Lapierre to the players with personality – traded – list!

      • Ken Svazas says:

        I liked Lapierre too but I heard that him and Subban did not get along. I think their personalities clashed too much in this case. If true then you certainly have to keep Subban over Lappierre.

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