Habs should sign P.K. Subban tout de suite

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Like what the heck are they waiting for? P.K. Subban is the last restricted free agent on the Canadiens roster not to be signed and by most accounts Subban’s agent Don Meehan and Habs GM Marc Bergevin haven’t even begun serious discussions.

Now I believe P.K. when he says he wants to remain a Hab and isn’t looking to hook up with any other team. But M. Bergevin may have noticed that the Philadelphia Flyers have made D-man Shea Weber a 14-year $110 million offer sheet and Weber’s current team, the Nashville Predators, will have to match that offer if they want to keep their superstar.

Word is that the Preds will match the Flyers’s nutsoid offer. They have to.

And that’s what could happen to the Habs. If they don’t move fast on Subban, some moronic owner is going to come along and offer Subban some moronic contract. And then Bergevin will be forced to match it. So sign this guy! NOW!

Now P.K. had a pretty cruddy sophomore season. Seven goals and 29 assists is not what we need or expect from Mr. Subban. He had twice as many goals in his first season.

But he underwhelmed last year for one reason and one reason only – the team was downright psychotic under the reign of terror of Pierre ‘WTF’ Gauthier. I remember going to one game, that snorefest against Columbus in the fall, and it was painful to watch Subban.

He’d pick up the puck behind his own net, start revving up for one of those patented Subban coast-to-coast rushes, start, and then suddenly remember that Coach Jacques ‘Mr. Personality’ Martin had ordered him to play conservatively. So he’d stop, stumble, and more often than not drop the puck right in front of Carey ‘What Me Worry?’ Price. Next thing you know Columbus would have a great scoring chance.

But make no mistake about it. Subban is our franchise player. Even more than Pricey, Subban is the guy they should be building the team around. He is an incredible fan favourite cos he’s both a stunningly talented player and has an ultra-charismatic personality. For the first time in a couple of decades, the Habs have a superstar who’s not a goalie. This is a great thing.

So sign him now Mr. Bergevin. Do not dilly-dally on this one.


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