It’s July….and we’re talking Habs

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Really. It’s a gorgeous summer Saturday afternoon in Montreal, the sort of day that has normal folks’ thoughts turning to the quest for the closest swimming pool, hitting the bike path or quaffing a chilly pint on the local bar’s terrace.

So there I am deep in discussion with my pal about – wait for it! – hockey. I know, it’s kind of sad. But you know what? I’m convinced I’m not the only one suffering from these Habs withdrawal symptoms.

I hear the Olympics are coming up shortly in London, the Als are playing the Tiger-Cats Saturday night and rumour has that the Impact are still playing soccer. But that’s not what me and Tony were talking about.

Like most self-respecting Montrealers, I’m not really a sports fan or even a hockey fan. I’m a Habs fan. This isn’t just a one-sport town. It’s a one-team town.

So there we were wondering if there will be even be a hockey season and wondering if our beloved Canadiens can scrape their way up to 13th place in the East. Our prognosis? I figure we could make 13th place. Tony – who’s an eternal optimist – says Les Boys are making the playoffs.

We both like recent Habs pick-ups Brandon ‘ELO’ Prust and Francis ‘The Cube’ Bouillon, we both would’ve liked to see Jaromir ‘Yes I Tuck My Sweater In, Want To Make Something Of It?’ Jagr playing alongside his pal Tomas ‘What Have You Done For Us Lately’ Plekanec on the Canadiens’ currently mucked-up second line, and we are still big Marc Bergevin fans. Did I mention that we’re both happy that Bob ‘Elvis Has Left the Building’ Gainey and Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier are now working far from Montreal?

So we’re both pretty happy. We like the summer in Montreal. We like that you can finally see all the beautiful people that were hiding under big winter coats for eight months. I’ll have a barbecue tonight and hoist a few like any normal fellow. But I will still be thinking about the Habs and after a couple of Molson Canadians – just kidding, make that Red Stripes – I might just venture an opinion or two on Nos Habs’ chances come October. Ah summer in Montreal!

– Brendan


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