Should the Habs trade draft pick for Jonathan Huberdeau?

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

That’s the rumour du jour. Actually it’s been out there for a couple of months but it resurfaced on the weekend – maybe unsurprisingly given that the draft is looming just days away. The 2012 NHL draft is happening next Friday and Saturday at the Consol Energy Centre in Pittsburgh.

So the concept is that the Canadiens would hand over their third-overall pick to the Florida Panthers in return for Jonathan Huberdeau, the Saint Jerome native and Saint John Sea Dog that the Panthers picked third overall last year. In other words, instead of going for some hot Russian prospects like Nail Yakupov – who will likely be gone by the third pick anyway – or Mikhail Grigorenko,  who has seen his star descend big-time in the past weeks as he under-performed in this year’s playoffs with the Quebec Remparts.

Trading for Huberdeau looks like it could be a mighty cool move for the Habs who are in desperate need of a franco Quebec star forward and he also happens to be a biggish centre which is something that the Habs have been in the market for oh about 20 years.

So yeah the Habs should do it. But why would the Panthers make the deal? That I’m not so clear on.


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