Please tell me it’s true that Patrick Roy is out of the running for the Habs coaching job

Posted: June 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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RDS is reporting that Patrick Roy is out of the running for the Canadiens coaching gig. Man I hope it’s true.

I don’t know how solid this report is. It comes from comments by Gaston Therrien on L’Antichambre. So in other words, who the heck knows if it’ll turn out to be true or not. I love AC – who doesn’t? – but let’s just say it ain’t Le Telejournal. Those bitter ex-coaches talk a lot of you know what and much of it is just a load o’ sound and fury signifying nothing.

The Therrien comments imply that Roy himself is pulling out of the running because he only wants to be part of an organization where he feels comfortable. Translation? Marc Bergevin and Geoff Molson told Casseau that he could coach but would not be telling Bergevin what to do. And you know Patrick ‘I’m the Greatest’ Roy wouldn’t like hearing that. This is a guy who doesn’t like taking orders.

And that’s why I’m hoping, praying that the Habs brain trust have enough brain power to realize Roy is way too much of a high-risk proposition.

Some suggest the Habs should hire Roy for his entertainment value and there’s no doubt it would spice up L’Antichambre. Can you imagine? Here’s a guy who walked out on the Habs mid-game on Hockey Night in Canada, telling Habs prexy Ronald ‘I hired Rejean Houle’ Corey that this was his last game with the team.

At the height of the Detroit Red Wings/Colorado Avalanche rivalry, he had fights with different Red Wings goalies in two successive years – first Mike Vernon, then Chris Osgoode.

Then there’s his more recent tabloid-headline-grabbing theatrics as GM and head coach of the Quebec Remparts in the Q – reports of trading punches with a rival team owner, his goalie son getting into an ugly punch-up with another goalie who didn’t want to fight (and maybe being encouraged to do so by his father/coach).

In short, Le Journal de Montreal would be in hog heaven. Me not so much.

You know what? St. Patrick as coach might work a charm or it might be a total disaster. And the Canadiens management can’t afford to take that risk.

I’ll tell you something right now – Roy will not be satisfied with just being a coach. His ego needs more than that. And that’s not the sort of problem Bergevin should not have to deal with. He already is going to be looking at pretty full days at his Bell Centre office.

Molson and Bergevin can’t mess this up. They just can’t. I’m not saying our team has to win the Cup within a year or two. But what they do have to do is rise above the quest-for-mediocrity philosophy that’s defined the post-Serge-Savard era.

But if you think the Habs are simply a Rejean Tremblay-directed reality show, then hire Roy. It’ll be fascinating to watch. But then again so is Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Come to think of it – this could be a ratings bonanza! Hire Pat Roy now!

By the way, I’ll have a blog in the next day or so with everyone’s favourite NDG Hollywood star Jay Baruchel weighing in on the great Habs coach debate.

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