Just love that the Predators suspended Kostitsyn and Radulov

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Now that takes cojones. Nashville Predators general manager David Poile announced Tuesday that the team has suspended two of its star forwards, former Hab-not Andrei Kostitsyn and Alex Radulov, for game three of the Preds series versus the Phoenix Coyotes.

Poile said the two players broke team rules.

“The Nashville Predators have a few simple rules centred around doing the right things,” Poile said in a statement. “We have always operated with a team-first mentality and philosophy. Violating team rules is not fair to our team and their team-mates.”

Poile didn’t say what rules they broke but most reports suggested it was a matter of breaking curfew. There were many reports that they were out partying to the wee hours of Sunday morning in Scottsdale, Arizona, just hours before game two of the series. In that game, Radulov was singled out by many for his poor play.

The Preds are down two-zip in the series, which resumes Wednesday.

What’s funny in the story – at least for us Habs nuts – is that Kostitsyn was often rumoured to be on the party circuit here in Montreal and many figured that might be one reason why many a night he looked downright uninterested while meandering aimlessly around the Bell Centre ice. Andrei and his younger brother Sergei were, of course, not the only Habs said to be fixtures in some of the city’s more colourful drinking establishments at the height of the team’s party-hearty days a couple of years back. Much of the late-night gossip centred around Carey Price and Chris Higgins was also by all reports enjoying himself with some enthusiasm in his adopted hometown.

And Habs management appeared to have absolutely no control of the players’ off-ice behaviour, even though those shenanigans were clearly have an impact on their lacklustre play on-the-ice. That’s why it’s so cool to see Preds management actually putting on their culottes and saying ‘Enough’s enough!”

I always thought the Habs bosses showed a remarkable lack of responsibility with their players. They bring these young men to Montreal, give them millions of dollars and then set them loose in a city which worships at the feet of Habs players. They can do anything they like – and you know they’ll be offered most every illicit thrill you can imagine.

So why not try to take care of these guys? Price was the perfect example. The whole future of the franchise rests on the shoulders of this kid from a tiny burgh in Northern B.C. and, when he got here, he was obviously not the most mature of guys. Yet Habs management just let him do whatever he pleased. Why not do what Mario Lemieux did when Sidney Crosby first came to Pittsburgh – he put him up in his house until Crosby was ready to live on his own.

Also why not, like the Preds’ bosses, discipline these guys when they behaved like clowns. Maybe if the firm of Gainey & Gauthier had shown a little character and told the brothers K to focus on putting the puck in the net rather than putting all their energy into extra-curricular activites, the team might now have two extra 25-goal scorers.

– Brendan

P.S. Check out Keith Jones on NBC tearing a few strips off Radulov for his lame-o-rama play Sunday.


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