It’s all about the Habs right? I know Les Boys haven’t played for a couple of weeks but you just know that all us Habs fans are watching the post-season with our Habs-coloured glasses.

So what’s the Habs’ fanatic take on the 2012 playoffs? Well first-off we’re in a celebratory mood today. The Big Bad Bruins are gone. I mean, how sweet is that? Boston loses in overtime in game seven of the first round. It just doesn’t get any better than that. They have to swallow the same punishment the Canadiens and their fans went through last year – with the Bs knocking off Montreal in game seven OT of the first round. The Habs were one Subban slapshot away from advancing to the second round.

Last night, it was fun to see the Bruins dealing with the same sort of failure. But it was even worse of course for them given that they won the Cup last spring. The good news? Zdeno Chara – who apparently doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, if you believe the unbiased views of Don Cherry – will not be hoisting the Cup this season. Oh well.

On to who us Habs nuts are backing. Well St. Louis of course. Why? ‘Cause of Jaroslav Halak. I know he’s still injured – apparently he will not be available for the first two games of the second-round series against Los Angeles. But he’ll be back. Count on it. And how cool would that be to see the Blues win it all and have Jaro sipping from the Cup – clip that photo out and mail it down to Ghost Gauthier’s manor in Burlington.

Our other team – well the Preds. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if les freres Kostitsyn made it all the way – two very talented snipers tossed on to the trash heap of history by the firm of Gainey & Gauthier.

In short, us Habs obsessives take our pleasures where we can find ’em. Of course, we’d rather be watching our team. But you know what? The sad-sack 2011-2012 Habs would be smoked by even the worst team in these playoffs.

– Brendan



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