Don’t hate me, I love the Bruins

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Uncategorized

The Boston Bruins…Why doesn’t anyone around here like them?

I think that the Bruins are a young and very skilled NHL hockey team. The Bruins finished 2nd place in the Eastern Conference with 49 wins and 102 points to win the Northeast Division.

The Bruins are now leading the Quarter-Final series vs the 7th place Washington Capitals in the Eastern Conference 2 to 1. Two of the games in this series have been decided in overtime. Game 1 went to the Bruins and game 2 was won by Nick Backstrom from the Capitals in double-overtime.

But in game 3, the Bruins came out of the Verizon Center in Washington with a 4-3 win, with Bruins defenseman Zdeno Chara scoring the winning goal late in the 3rd period. The goal was deflected by Caps defender Roman Hamrlik. The Capitals have a big game on Thursday night as the Bruins can take a commanding 3-1 lead in the series if they win game 4.

It may surprise people but the Boston Bruins are my second favorite NHL team, after the Montreal Canadiens of course. I like the Bruins because, first of all, they have two of my favourite players on their roster, Milan Lucic and Brad Marchand. I also like them because they have lots of character and heart. The only thing I don’t like at all about the Bruins is Zdeno Chara, the captain of the Bruins.

I think that the Bruins will go far in the 2012 playoffs this year and have a big chance of winning the Cup once again just like last year.

– Keane

  1. With the HABS out of the playoffs, I must admit I love the Bruins too…so you’re not alone! 🙂

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