Not really digging this notion of Serge Savard as veepee of hockey for Habs

Posted: April 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I know I know, just a few days back I was waxing poetic in this very space about the great things to come for the Habs now that Geoff Molson had made Pierre ‘Yikes’ Gauthier walk the plank and the Canadiens’ spring had finally sprung.

Now comes news – still unconfirmed by the Habs – that Molson has tapped Serge Savard as senior vice-president of hockey operations for the Canadiens. And my first reaction is – I’m just not sure this is the greatest of ideas.

Red Fisher is, of course, ecstatic. But that’s part of the problem. Montreal’s most famous Habs scribe is the definition of old-school and appointing Savard hockey boss is the most old-school of decisions.

I have been saying for years that one of the Habs’ biggest problems is their obsession with the past. They have to get over their glorious history. Remember the neverending 100th anniversary celebrations? That was a distraction from the real business of winning hockey games for two years.

For years now, we often got the impression that the team brass spent more time thinking about tributes to past greats and not nearly enough time worrying about drafting the best young players out there.

For all these reasons, I’m not on the Patrick Roy bandwagon and that’s what has me feeling ambivalent about Savard running the show at the Bell Centre. According to the Radio-Canada report that got this thing rolling, the new GM – or will it be GMs, more on that later – will be reporting to Savard.

Savard hasn’t been activitely involved in NHL action since he was fired by Habs president Ronald Corey in the fall of 1995 – to be replaced, in one of the great tragi-comic moments in Canadiens history, by none other than Rejean ‘Peanut’ Houle. (Eds. note: Tragi-comic? Get your nose out of the academic books! That was just moronic.)

Yes he won two Cups during his GM tenure and was one of the team’s all-time great players, but is he the best man for the job in 2012? He might be the best former Habs great available but is he the best hockey mind on the planet available? I don’t know the answer to that question.

I just fear that the team is once again thinking too much about wrapping itself in the comfy blanket of past glory and not focusing on winning now. That’s my dark thought for the day.

The silver-lining – hey it’s the new more upbeat me! – is the rumour that the Habs may be thinking of hiring a two-headed GM – one head is Julien BriseBois’s, the other is the not-so-hairy one you see on TV between the benches all the time, Mr. Pierre McGuire.

Now that strikes me as a brilliant idea. My Twitter pal Paul Wong quite rightly notes that with this concept you nab one great capologist and deal-maker in Brisebois, and another guy (McGuire) who has a more-than-encyclopeidic knowledge of every hockey player on the planet over the age of 12.

And then Savard oversees these two. It’s kind of a cool idea. If they can all make nice together.

  1. Rick Keene says:

    It is about stability … Âgéd or not , Savard brings That …Thé célébrations are what ruined everything … Too much monétaire ….

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