Let’s celebrate these ex-Habs: Kostitsyn, Halak, and Grabovski

Posted: March 4, 2012 in Uncategorized
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We could talk about Saturday night’s game. But I don’t feel like it. You do? I didn’t think so. The Habs blew another lead. Story of the season. Lost to the Leafs. That’s called adding insult to injury. It’s also called just another crappy hockey game from the crappiest team in the East.

You think I’m being a bit harsh? No the Habs are being a bit harsh to their fans. My friend Duncan slowed his car down this af and shouted at me – ‘A catastrophe! It’s a catastrophe!’. And I didn’t have to ask him what he was talking about. The whole town knows what he’s talking about.

The firm of Gainey & Gauthier has dragged the Canadiens down to their lowest point in several decades. And they’re still sitting smugly in their corner offices at the Bell Centre laughing at us. Too harsh? Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier actually had the cojones to come out Monday and tell us that the Habs were just a couple of pieces away from a rapid rise back to success.

Man what are they putting in the drinking water in the executive suites at the Bell Centre? And whatever it is, I’d like a sip!

Les Boys are in last place in the Eastern Conference and they’re making no effort to try to get out of the basement and hang with the grown-ups. They’re like teenagers downstairs happily boozing and schmoozing and hoping daddy doesn’t show up to ask if they’ve done their homework.

But I digress…..

I just wanted to salute a few ex-Habs that the firm of G&G let go for almost nothing who had good Saturday nights toiling for other teams. First-off, there’s our old pal Mikhail Grabovski. You remember him? The Habs management thought he was so useless they sent him to T.O. for close to nothing in ’08. He scored 29 goals last year and already has 20 this year. I know, the Habs don’t need any more goal-scorers. They’re growing on trees on the current Habs. So Gainey was quite right to ship him out. #sarcasm

But he’s been mired in a major goal slump during the Leafs’ horrific February. So then he comes into his former home rink and nabs two goals and an assist, basically single-handedly killing the Habs Saturday.

Then there’s Jaroslav Halak. You’re right, I’ve never fully recovered from Gauthier’s decision to ship Jaro to St. Louis just weeks after he brought les Canadiens to the conference final in the 2010 playoffs. And I’m always getting grief from Habs fans who tell me Halak’s too small, that he’s a back-up at best.

Well apparently not. Mr. Halak is on quite the roll. He was between the pipes Saturday when the Blues beat  San Jose 3-1- his fifth straight win, allowing only 8 goals during those games. In one three-game stretch, he won all three and let in just four goals. He has the third best goals-against-average in the league, at 1.91 and is tied for fourth in shut-outs with six (tied with fellow St. Louis Blues goalie Brian Elliott).

I like Lars ‘Lego Boy’ Eller but with these kind of numbers, you realize Halak is one of the best netminders in the league and Gauthier could’ve gotten more for the guy. In fact, he could’ve started by shopping him to all of the teams in the league rather than just St. Louis. Just a thought.

Last but not least, did you catch the highlight-reel goal from Andrei ‘Where’s the Party?’ Kostitsyn Saturday night, his first since he was dealt to the Predators by Gauthier for a draft pick. What a beauty! He went through two guys and then just ripped it off the post into the net! Nice! How come he didn’t do anything nearly so nice this season in Montreal?

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