Marc-André Grondin not a big fan of my hockey tweets

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I was chatting with fine, fine Québécois actor Marc-André Grondin Sunday about his totally hilarious new movie Goon, a flick about a minor-league hockey-enforcer that opens across the country Feb. 24. We were having a pretty pleasant time…..until the topic of my hockey tweets and blogs came up.

Grondin – who you know from his star-making turn in the rock’n’roll coming-of-age picture C.R.A.Z.Y. – is a huge Habs fan and it turns out he’s not a huge fan of my bitter Habs tweeting and blogging during this season from hell.

“When I started using Twitter, during the games, I wanted to knock on your door and slap you in the face,” said Grondin, on the line from his hotel room in Prague, where he’s filming the French movie The Man Who Laughs.

“Or pick you up in a black van and show you great clips of the Habs,” continued Grondin. “I was so angry with what you were saying. I was like ‘What the F—, don’t say that.’ Like one goal and you’d say, ‘Oh good thing we kept Price. #Halak’ ”

Okay, okay, Marc-André, I protested, but I’m back on the bandwagon. (That was 24 hours before the Habs’ sad-sack effort against the ‘Canes Monday night but that, alas, is the subject of another blog!)

I told him he should check out my blog from Sunday, titled ‘We’re going all the way’.

Monday morning, I had a tweet from M. Grondin: “Read your blog….I’m happy you’re seeing life in bleu-blanc-et-rouge again.”

Of course this all took place in a more innocent time, when Montrealers could still dream, hours before the crushing defeat Monday at the hands of the lowly Carolina Hurricanes. But I’m still on the Habs bandwagon Marc-André… least until 10 p.m. Wednesday! 🙂

By the way, Goon is an amazing movie. Go see it. But it’s super raunchy, which is why my son Keane ain’t gonna see it for a couple of years.


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