‘We’re going all the way!’

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Please note the quotation marks in the headline. That’s not me saying that. It was my neighbour and friend Duncan, who stopped his car in the middle of the street Saturday afternoon, hours before the Habs’ shocking win against the Maple Leafs Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre.

He rolled down the window and yelled at me, as I was trying to open my front door.

‘We’re going all the way,’ he said.

For a second, I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. Was he referring to my son’s PeeWee hockey team, who’re on quite the roll? Then I realized he was talking about Nos Canadiens de Montreal.

‘I’ve been reading your blog,’ he continued. ‘You need to get a little positivity in there.’

Okay, fair enough Duncan. Well what Habs fan isn’t positive this morning, just hours after Les Boys crushed – yes crushed – the Loafs 5-zip. As of Sunday, we’re sitting seven points behind the Leafs, who’re desperately clinging to eighth place.

I had an epiphany Saturday night – we are going to make the playoffs for one reason and one reason only. The Leafs are gonna collapse like a house of cards. You know they will. It’s the Leafs, man. And we’ll squeak in. You know that too. And then…..well let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

One sign we’re on the right track. The Toronto media is already freaking out. I so enjoyed reading this piece by Steve Buffery in the Toronto Sun, He’s just furious with the Leafs. What I like about the column is that Buffery gives no credit to the Habs for the win, only heaping abuse on the Loafs, and insulting the Habs at the same time. It’s just so Toronto!

‘You want to make the playoffs?’ he writes. ‘You have to bury a team like the Habs, a team short on depth, rife with controversy, a  below .500 team.’

It’s funny. Many on Twitter Saturday were complaining about all the sarcastic comments coming out of Montreal-based Twitter accounts during the Mats Sundin tribute. But I had no trouble with folks here mocking the ceremony. The Toronto media spends an enormous amount of time and energy dissing the Habs day-in and day-out, so it’s only fair we fight back.

You haven’t noticed how much the media types in T.O. have enjoyed this Habs season from hell? Mike Milbury – how is this guy allowed on our public broadcaster? – practically wets himself every time he laughs at the Hab-nots. So we’re allowed to laugh at the Leafs too. In fact, we must.

A few of the choice lines about Sundin? Here’s what Mitch Melnick – under his Twitter nom de plume Hunter Z. Thompson – had to say – ‘Sundin night typical of his career. Great player, Leafs lose.’

Or my pal Justin Knotze, in the third period: ‘If I was Mats, I’d ask ’em to take my number down.’

Or me: ‘Four goals in the second period for the Habs. Maybe that Sundin tribute wasn’t the best idea after all. #1967’

Me again, during the tribute: ‘Did they forget to show the clips of Sundin winning the Cup w the Leafs? Oh yeah that never happened. #1967’

We’re rivals. We make fun of each other. That’s how it goes. And that was a huge game. The Canadiens are on a four-game winning streak, Carey Price is on fire (with two shutouts during the streak) and in spite of what the guys in Toronto think, we’re showing some depth, with goals from guys not on the Cole line, like Mathieu ‘I Can’t Believe I Went Top Shelf Like That’ Darche – Darche for heaven’s sake! – and Lars ‘Lego-Boy’ Eller, who had one sweet goal.

Montreal is seven points behind the wobbly Leafs, who head out on a tough Western road trip. All of a sudden the games matter again. Earth to my pal Eric Siblin who gave up on the team a week back – get your nose of your books Eric, we’re back in the playoff race! Get your TV back on!


  1. Howard says:

    Nice shout-out to the peewees. Two great teams on a great roll.

  2. topshelfbk says:

    Howard, And the PeeWee Wings roll is game or two longer than the Habs’!

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