There is a God….Scott Gomez scores!

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Where were you when Scott Gomez scored his first goal in more than a year?

Me I was, appropriately enough, out on the hockey rink, playing a little shinny, having grown a tad bored with the Habs-Islanders match-up – what I like to think of as the meeting somewhere that is very much not the summit – and so I missed seeing the momentous moment live. Canadian Press mistakenly reports that Gomez tipped in a Raphael Diaz shot. In fact he blasted in a one-timer from the right face-off circle doing his best imitation of Cammie back when Mr. Cammalleri was scoring those sorts of goals on a regular basis.

Gomez’s last goal was Feb. 5, 2011 against his former team the New York Rangers, at the Bell Centre. It was a more innocent age. We still had the faith. Gomez had hair on his head. The coach spoke French. We still believed ‘world peace’ was an achievable goal. Then came the drought.

A National Post blog breaks down the Gomez stats: He played 50 games in between the two goals, while missing 21 games earlier this season due to injury, with total ice time of 17 hours, 40 minutes, and 30 seconds. 50 games works out to $4,486,067.80 in salary for the over-paid forward. The National Post also notes that over the same period Tampa Bay phenom Stephen Stamkos scored 48 goals. (That’s just mean of the Post but hey those guys in Toronto are mean. You know it.)

After the game, Gomez sounded relieved, but still curiously downbeat.

“I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself,” said Gomez. “I’ve just kept working. It’s certainly good to get a win, and of course it’s great to finally score.”

I hate to be a party-pooper – okay actually I revel in being a Habs party-pooper – but the photo in La Presse and The Gazette says it all. The shot shows Gomez and a few of his team-mates celebrating near the bench, all with big smiles on their face, and just behind them you see coach Randy ‘Parlez-vous’ Cunneyworth staring straight-ahead, with the kuind of grim look normally reserved for that moment when you realize you’ve just been fired. Come to think of it, that’s probably what M. Cunneyworth was thinking about. How, no matter what happens, he is going to be tossed on the trash-heap of history once this sorry season finally winds down.

But let’s live in the moment just for a second. Gomez scores. Doesn’t that mean anything is possible? That the Habs could win the Cup? That people will start reading newspapers again? That I could perhaps lace-up and take Gomer’s place on the third line?


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