Only 16 days left until the big Scott Gomez anniversary

Posted: January 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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How time flies when you’re having fun. As we enjoy this fine, fine Habs season, it’s been all too easy to forget that Scotty ‘Big Bucks = Loopy Grin’ Gomez is set to celebrate his big anniversary in less than three weeks.

That’s right. On Feb. 5, Gomez and the entire Canadiens organization will be celebrating the first anniversary of Gomer’s last goal in the National Hockey League. I haven’t heard yet but I can only assume that the Habs brain-trust is hard at work on pulling together the kind of looking-back-at-Habs-history party that they’re so good at.

Can I make one suggestion? I think you simply must have Bob ‘What About Bob’ Gainey as a central part of the ceremony. After all, it was Bob ‘Elvis Has Not Left the Building’ Gainey who brought Gomez to these shores, when he took that $51.5 million contract off of New York Rangers’ boss Glen Sather’s hands. Rumors that Sather still sends Gainey a priceless bottle of single malt every Christmas remain unconfirmed.

This season Gomez is being paid $7.5 million and has so far lit up the scoreboard……well actually he hasn’t. He has the big doughnut. Zero goals. Five assists. Minus four. If Gomez’s last season – seven goals, 38 points, minus 15 – was a total disaster, as even Gomez admitted, well that makes this year the hockey equivalent of the apocalypse.

The funniest thing – yes in a very dark comedy sense – is that Gomez might well have been one of the better Hab players Wednesday night in the 3-0 loss to the Washington Capitals. He had a team-leading five shots and has nine shots on goal in his last two games.

He actually looks great – but that’s the problem with Gomez. He often LOOKS fab but the flash results in nada.

Do you sense a little bitterness chez moi today? Really? Okay here’s the thing. With Alex Ovechkin’s goal making it 3-zip Wednesday night, the wags on Twitter were saying Ovie just knocked the Canadiens out of the playoffs, something he just couldn’t do in the spring of 2010. Montreal is now nine points out of eighth place and short of a miracle – and it ain’t coming – these guys ain’t making the post-season dance, as Mr. Fisher likes to call it.

As Réjean Tremblay underlined on 98.5 FM Thursday morning, Montreal has 42 points in 46 games and has 36 games left. Tremblay said – and most agree – that you’ll need at least 90 points to make the playoffs. So Montreal needs to nab at least 48 points in its final 36 games.

Do the math! Please! They basically have to win two out of three games between now and the end of the season. That would be a tall order for the Boston Bruins or New York Rangers – two powerhouse squads. For the Habs – who I don’t think even the most boosterish press-box type would call a powerhouse – it’s just a dream. And the season’s a nightmare.

But what really kills me is that the team faces some of the biggest management decisions in two decades and the guys who are going to make those huge decisions for us are the same two geniuses who got us into this mess in the first place – Gauthier and his puppet-master Gainey.

Like how does that make any sense whatsoever? Gainey blew up the team in the summer of 2009 and his much-vaunted five-year-plan is lying in burning ruins at centre-ice. Cammalleri? Gone, traded for a third-liner. Gomez? Re-read the top of this blog. Gionta? Gone for the season and a good, not great, addition to the team.

Any how, let’s focus on the positive. Let’s get going on the party preparations for Feb. 5. How about a video montage of all of Gomez’s near-misses over the past 12 months? And a collection of jokes from Twitter…..à la ‘The last time Scott Gomez scored a goal’. Man it’s gonna be one great soirée!


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