RDS totally blows Halak coverage

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Man! Is RDS the worst sports network in the world? Probably not. I’m sure there’s some rinky-dinky station somewhere that’s even more Mickey Mouse than Quebec’s top sports outlet…..but I haven’t seen it.

But boy is RDS one small-time operation. You may have heard. Tuesday night was the much-anticipated return of Jaroslav Halak, his first appearance at the Bell Centre since he stood on his head in the spring of 2010 and single-handedly carried the Habs to the conference finals. It was kind of a big deal for the hockey scene here, though someone apparently forgot to tell the RDS brain-trust (I use the term loosely).

The big question was how Montreal fans would greet the Slovakian goalie. Well if you weren’t at the game, you wouldn’t know. RDS did not show Halak appearing on the ice before the start of the game – apparently there was some very deep commentary to be heard from Benoit Brunet right at that second – and, of course, they skipped the national anthems because there was some cruddy rock song/video to be played!

Okay that was pretty bad but I could live with that given my low expectations vis-a-vis RDS. But the end of the game was something else altogether. They cut to commercials before we got to see Halak leaving the ice and giving major props to the crowd. They only showed that a few minutes later as a replay. Silly me. Thinking I was watching a live event. But the icing on the cake – or is it the cherry on the sundae – was that the broadcast didn’t even bother to stick around for the three stars even though it was patently obvious that Halak – with a 3-0 shutout – would be the first star.

‘Bush-league’ doesn’t even come close to describing this stuff. It’s called arrogance. It’s called thinking you have the divine right to broadcast Habs games. It’s called treating your fans like cattle. And you know what? Eventually these clowns will pay for this sort of stuff. That’s what remote controls are made for – for changing the channel!

Oh by the way, great stuff Jaro! We still love you!

– Brendan

  1. Howard says:

    Would have been fun to watch the feed from St. Louis.

  2. Pat Parent says:

    Not to mention this:

    @mcgilles La minute de silence en mémoire du prof. Caron coupée pour faire jouer une pub de Molson…. Eh ben…. #Rds

    Classless and dumb.

  3. montrealmarc says:

    I watched the end of the game on a St. Louis network. They showed great footage of Halak returning to Montreal during the summer of 2010 to sign autographs at a mall for 6 hours straight. Then stayed on for his ovation from the crowd followed by a long interview with him discussing what it meant to be back in Montreal and getting that reaction from the crowd. Really well done.

    RDS Fail.

  4. Lisa says:

    Well said! I changed the channel to watch….yup, my mighty Blackhawks (who have also been struggling lately).

  5. Disappointing, but not surprising … it’s not like it was … Mathieu Garon making his first appearance at the Bell since leaving the Habs. Pathetic.

  6. Anarky88 says:

    Would be different if Jaro was a francophone.

  7. Anarky88 says:

    I should add, disappointing, provincial coverage. Really.

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