Habs protest fizzles; Price says we all just need to chill

Posted: January 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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So what if you had a riot and no one came?

Okay so I guess some folks showed up to protest Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier’s wooly decision to hire a unilingual Anglo coach but it was hardly the Rocket Riot Saturday night outside the Bell Centre before the Habs-Lightning bout.

The best response to all this came courtesy of Carey ‘What Me Worry’ Price. Rick Moffat from CJAD reports that Alfred E. Neuman Price said he thought all the Quebec flags at the Bell Centre were part of a campaign to bring the Nordiques back to Quebec. You gotta love the guy! Once this hockey thing dries up, ‘Just Chill Out’ Price should hook-up with fellow yuk-meister Andy Nulman and headline Just For Laughs. (By the way, I caught this one thanks to my pal and fellow hockey enthusiast – and pretty fine actor – Marc-Andre Grondin who you’re welcome to follow on Twitter at @MA_Grondin.)

In my Gazoo colleague Monique Muise’s piece on the Mouvement Quebec francais – eds. note: Wot dat? – protest over the hiring of non-parlez-vous-er Randy Cunneyworth, she quotes the one brave guy out there Saturday with a ‘I love Randy’ sign.

“There have been some snarly looks, but besides that nothing too vulgar,” said Greg Pike, a South Shore native.

Snarly? Man get that man a pen and paper, he’s a veritable wordsmith! Or is it a Wordsworth? Whatever. Pike’s a poet and he don’t know it.

All in all, the whole demo seemed way more mild-mannered than what goes on outside the rink and in the stands at your average Bruins-Habs or Leafs-Canadiens match-up at the Bell Centre. I remember years ago – April 21, 1994 to be exact – being at a playoff game against Boston – that infamous series when Patrick Roy left the series half-way through to have, supposedly, an appendix operation. The Bs were just killing us. They’d lob the puck in from centre-ice and it would slip by back-up goalie Ron Tugnutt, who was clearly in some kind of a psychotic state (and who could blame him, having to stand in on a moment’s notice for St. Patrick?). Boston ended up crushing us 6-3 and all night, the obnoxious Bruins fans – is there any other kind of Bruins fan? – around me and my friend James MacLean were just merciless, ragging us non-stop about how useless our team was without Roooooo-Ahhhhh. There was real tension that night – as in heads might well get kicked in on one side or the other.

But this language protest? Nudding but a tempest in a fleur-de-lys-decorated teapot. And that’s just as well.

And hey Nos Habs won the game – beating Tampa Bay 3-1 – and all of a sudden Les Glorieux are soaring along on a two-game winning streak.

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