It’s almost Christmas eve…..and the Habs are the laughing stock of Canadian hockey

Posted: December 23, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This should be a happy time. The snow is on the ground, it’s cold enough to get the outdoor rinks going, and we’re all gearing up for mucho holiday celebrating.

There’s just one problem – us Habs fans are in a major funk as we mull over the worst crisis facing the Montreal Canadiens since…..well I think you’d have to go back a few decades.

How bad is it? Well the Toronto sports writers have started delighting in our misery. Damien Cox in The Toronto Star clearly had more fun than he’s had in a while penning the piece “Canada’s worst team at holiday time? Les Glorieux”. I mean just imagine how much people in Toronto must be enjoying this Habs meltdown. They’re uncorking the champagne at Hockey Night in Canada. Finally they can make fun of the Habs. Oh yeah, they’ve already been doing that for years.

A few days ago, I would’ve said it’s the worst crisis since the dark days of the Houle/Tremblay era but it’s clear now it’s actually worse. The frightening thought I had today was that Rejean ‘Peanut’ Houle might actually have been a better GM than Pierre Gauthier. Here’s the Ghost Gauthier thought process. Oh Markov might never play again? Let’s sign him to a pricey three-year contract. Oh we lack toughness, size and someone with a good shot on the blueline? Let’s pick up a pricey three-year contract with a D-man Tomas Kaberle who’s soft as chocolate – hence the Tomas Cadbury nickname – and whose claim-to-fame is that he shoots less often than Scott ‘I’m terrified of the other team’s net’ Gomez.

So how do we get out of this mess? Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan suggests maybe we should re-hire Guy Carbonneau who was fired by his former pal Bob ‘What About Bob’ Gainey in March, 2009. I love Stu’s Saturday (formerly Sunday) column but I’ll repeat what I said earlier this week – we gotta forget about hiring Habs old-timers in a desperate attempt to capture the magic of Habs-teams-past.

So no Vinnie Damphouse, no Patrick Roy, no Serge Savard. But maybe a little Pierre McGuire?



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