The saviour has arrived! All hail Tomas Kaberle!

Posted: December 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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All day Friday, all I heard was folks grumbling about the Tomas Kaberle deal. Heck even I was grumbling big-time. (I know, I know, it’s a full-time job for me.) It sure looked like a crappy deal, an almost Rejean-Houle-like stinker. Well not quite. But getting into that scary zone.

I’m not the world’s biggest Jaroslav Spacek fan. I mean I’ll take Dave Stubbs‘ word for it that Spatcho was a laugh riot in the room but he was hardly an All-Star D-man. Neither is Kaberle at this stage either. So it’s like swapping one not-so-good Czech defenceman for another not-so-good Czech defenceman.

But then Kaberle goes out and nabs two assists in his debut as a Hab and he looked real good on both goals. And the Canadiens win, beating the New Jersey Devils 2-1 in a snoozer of an afternoon game. (By the way, are there any other kind of afternoon games? I hate daytime games. So do the Habs who usually perform terribly when it’s still light outside.)

So should we be breaking out the champagne and toasting Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier for a brilliant deal? Ummm no. This is only one game. Let’s check back on Kaberle in a couple of weeks. Also have a look at how flat-footed he looks on the Nick Palmieri goal.

The knock on Kaberle is that he’s soft in his own zone. Hence the Tomas Cadbury moniker – he’s as soft as chocolate! And that’s what he looked like on that play.

And the Habs nearly blew another lead – let’s face it, the Devils came within inches of tying it up and given the Canadiens’ abysmal extra-time record, no one on that team wanted to head to OT. Can I just say that the Martin sit-on-to-the-lead master-plan almost effed up again? Like what the heck is the point of this “system”? To present the most boring product possible just to torture us? But I digress.

On the upside, Carey Price had a totally amazing save on that late-game Zach Parise penalty shot. Oh baby, as Bob ‘Am I Still Doing the Play By Play On Hockey Games?’ Cole would say. Just think where Les Habs would be this year if it wasn’t for What Me Worry Price. To sum up? Us Habs nuts started the day depressed and ended it almost elated. It’s just another day on the Habs roller-coaster. As Rod the Mod once put is so memorably – Never a Dull Moment. It’s stressing me out. But that’s why God invented beer. Happy Saturday night!

  1. Kaberle had 40+ points last year on a Leafs team that didn’t make the playoffs. He’s done nothing but produce his whole career. He’s hardly the first player to have trouble with Claude Julien’s style and Carolina has been a disaster this season. He’s a smooth skating defense man with a lot of experience on the blue line. He has mobility which has lacked in our defense. I think it’s a positive trade since Spacek had all but forgotten how to take a slap shot.

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