Well that was fun kids! Habs drop one to worst team in the league

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Well you have to admit that’s some kind of accomplishment. The Habs lost Tuesday night to the worst team in the league. Really. You have to work at achieving something like that.

So how did they do it? Well start with a total lack of effort, stir in maybe the worst game ever for P.K. Subban, and a frighteningly bad power play and you have the perfect recipe for failure. The result? The bottom-feeding Columbus Blue Jackets win 3-2 in the shootout.

And don’t even get me started about Jacques ‘Mr. Personality’ Martin. Subban is just terrible so the Coach plays him nearly the entire overtime. Huh? Louis Leblanc makes his hometown debut and we almost never see him. Like it’s not as if the more seasoned guys were getting the job done.

I was at the game with my son Keane and we still managed to have a good time – thanks to the A-list hot dogs, chips, pizza, ice-cream and beer (for the adult in the group!). But how bad was the game? Well when the cute dancing kid on the jumbotron is the highlight of the night, this is not a good sign.

Throughout the second half of the game, many in the Bell Centre were booing the Canadiens and, in fact, by the time Brian Gionta tied it up in the dying moments of the third, there were loads of empty seats. Tuesday morning, the papers were full of stories quoting Geoff Molson saying he was happy with the on-ice product but I wonder if he’d be sounding so cheering at 10:30 Tuesday night.

I kept thinking back to those dark days in the late 90s when the Bell Centre was chock full of empty seats and season-ticket holders couldn’t give away free tix. When the team sucks, we jump off the bandwagon in droves. We’re not there yet, but we’re sure moving in that direction. I mean, when thousands of Montrealers are booing Subban every time he touches the puck, you know something is very wrong.

When Cammalleri hit a goal-post on an empty net during the warm-up, I thought it was the perfect metaphor for his season – this guy is more than snake-bitten. He just can’t put the puck in the net, period. Remember in Los Angeles, when he was standing right there with the top half of the net empty and he just lobbed it into Bernier’s glove. And if he doesn’t score, well let’s just say it’s not good.

There’s just something rotten here. But hey what am I complaining about? Me and Keane both got official team photos. Alas, a photo taken, presumably, in happier times.


  1. billy mcbranken says:

    I didn’t watch. I guess I’m happy to have more interesting things to do.

  2. WillJF says:

    I like reading your comments but just to mention Montreal never had empty seats in the 90’s Bell Centre opened in the 95-96 season, Believe in March. Forum’s best Capacity was 17959. Bell Centre 21,273

    See attendance records below


    • topshelfbk says:

      There were empty seats. Take it from me. I was there. Yes technically they were probably all sold-out, like every Habs game in the modern era, but the on-ice product was so abysmal that season-ticket holders wouldn’t show up and couldn’t even give the tickets away. So the reds were often full of empty seats. Thanks for sending along the stats!
      – Brendan

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