Habs lose again, Markov goes missing

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Fine, fine writer and not-so-shabby rock’n’roller Dave Bidini nailed it – as usual – with his tweet to me and my fellow West End Habs fiend Jay  Baruchel (@BaruchelNDG) this morning.

Wrote Dave (@hockeyesque) – tuff ride for habbies now. I feel their pain.

Well put. Cos this is turning out to be the road trip from hell. After dropping an embarrassing loss to the Ducks Wednesday, Nos Habs blew a lead with 1:26 to go Thursday to allow the San Jose Sharks to tie the game and then the Sharks went on to win in the shoot-out with Michal Handzus, Joe Pavelski and Martin Havlat all scoring in the shooting gallery. (Did we have a goalie between the pipes for that? I know it’s mean but I’m just asking. It does seem to me that young Mr. Price has let in an inordinate number of shoot-out goals this season. But I digress.)

It was nice to see Cammy actually put a puck in the net, getting his sixth goal – his sixth goal! – on a tip-in and the other bit of good news is that David Desharnais had a monster game, with a goal and a pair of assists. He is now tied as the leading point-getter on The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight, with 16 points, the same as Erik Cole. The bad news? Well not only did we lose but that tying goal from Ryan Clowe came on a big, fat juicy rebound from Carey ‘What Me Worry’ Price and someone has to tell the Chill-Out Kid that you just can’t give out those sorts of rebounds at that particular point in the game.

That’s the second time in a week that the Canadiens have blown a lead late, late in the game and then lost in extra time – that was also the scenario in that game-we-wish-had-never-happened against the Penguins last Saturday.

“We can’t lose these types of games,” said Price after the game Thursday. “We have to find a way to close them out.”

Pricey didn’t look happy and kudos to him for not trying to sugar-coat the loss.

“It feels pretty disappointing right now to not come up with the extra point,” said Michael Cammalleri. “It’s tough right now.”

Again right on the money. Then there’s Jacques ‘Mr. Personality’ Martin who, as he always does, tried to find excuses for his team’s loss and justify his hefty pay-cheque.

“We competed very well,” said the Man-Who-Would-Be-Marcel-Marceau.

What? Earth to Jacques! You lost. You blew the lead (again). You needed those two points. Now you have one out of a potential four points on this crucial road trip. You’re way out of the playoff race. You’re going to lose your job (sooner or later). In short, who cares about the effort.

Then there’s the Andrei Markov soap opera, part 837. He doesn’t accompany the team to San Jose and for most of Thursday no one – including Martin – seems to know where he is. This situation is just completely out of control. GM Pierre ‘I might even be less talkative than Jacques’ Gauthier has to step up and tell the press corps – and the public – what’s going on with Markov. Are there new complications with his knee? Is he going to play in 2011? The fact that Gauthier hasn’t been seen since that day he took Perry Pearn to the woodshed is just unacceptable. Stop doing your imitation of Major Major in Catch 22 and come out and face the heat pal. That’s what you’re getting paid for.

(Major Major, if you’re wondering, was the Major in the classic Joseph Heller novel who used to hide in his office with his door permanently closed and if it looked like someone was actually going to force their way in to talk to him, he’d hop out the window and make a run for it. You know what? I like the sound of Pierre ‘Major Major’ Gauthier.)

– Brendan


  1. cleanhead says:

    On the Markov situation: It was a no-brainer that he wasn’t going to play against the Sharks, and it was just as big a no-brainer that, in that case, he would stay in LA. No point in having him travel for nothing. He might or might not play this season-or ever again–but another week or two or whatever at this point doesn’t matter. If he is going to play, the Habs, the doctors, and most of all Markov must be %1000 sure that his knee is ready for game action.

    Fire Gauthier and Martin. I want either Patrick Roy or Pierre McGuire to run this team. For once, I’d like our team to be run my smart, aggressive, competitive guys.

    • topshelfbk says:

      I hear you on the Markov situation. So why can’t team management step up and say that clearly? ‘Cause they’re afraid to face the media or they’re incompetent. Only two choices. Probably a bit of both.

      • cleanhead says:

        Agreed. There was no reason for the silence from the Goat and Drac, but there was also no need for anyone else to make a big deal out of Markov’s “disappearance”.

  2. Howard says:

    After the upcoming loss to the LA Kings, house will be cleaned, which kinda sucks for Ladouceur and Cunneyworth because they both gave up cushy jobs in Hamilton to come to this nightmare. And with the Bulldogs sucking big time this year because PG can’t figure out which players are worth keeping (he could have AHL superstar Nigel Dawes at 100 points by now, and sniper Brock Trotter at 50 goals, not to mention the standout goaltending of Curtis “I gave up Hamilton for Columbus” Sanford, but I digress BIG time!), don’t expect Clement Jodoin to get promoted any time soon to the parent club. Oh, where have you gone Kirk Muller? If only you saw eye-to-eye with Perry Pearn you’d still be a Hab. And Hal “Mr. Nanny” Gill should have been a D coach and not a D player, and Roman Hamrlik should still be logging 24 minutes a game and Jeff Halpern, and Glen Metropolit, and and and and and … ad infinitum! As for Andrei “have you seen my knees anywhere” Markov, the rumour du jour is that he is no longer a Hab, which is why he has been in hiding since the team left for Anaheim. Don’t foget, Brendan, that last season in December, the Habs played a Friday night game in Detroit and then another game the night after, and finished December with a 7 game road trip. During those 10 games, the Habs had a 2-7-1 record and dropped from 3rd overall to out of a playoff spot, only to crawl back by season’s end. This year, they have 6 on the road the last 2 weeks of the month. They’ll be 15th overall by then.

  3. topshelfbk says:

    A lot of good points there Howard. But just back from sharpening Keane’s skates at Sport au Gus, and a wise man named Gus reminded me that in spite of all the hand-wringing, Nos Habs are still only one point out of playoff contention. So anything is possible. But they do have to start playing better hockey.

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