Sergei Kostitsyn – another one that got away

Posted: November 12, 2011 in Uncategorized
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With the Habs set to face-off Saturday night against the Nashville Predators, it’s as good as time as any to think about yet another former Hab who’s blooming with team not called the Montreal Canadiens after being shown the door by short-sighted Canadiens managers. No I’m not talking about Ryan McDonagh, Mike Ribeiro, Ryan O’Bryne, or Mikhail Grabovski.

Rather I’m thinking our old pal Sergei Kostitsyn. Sergei K was traded to the Preds by Bob Gainey in June 2010 in return for goalie Dan Ellis and forward Dustin Boyd. In his first season with Nashville, last year, SK was the team’s leading scorer with 23 goals and 27 assists. When asked by The Gazette’s Pat Hickey to explain why he came to life in Music City, Kostitsyn told the veteran sports scribe: “I’m playing much more here, that’s the difference.”

Kostitsyn – who has three goals and five assists in his first 11 games this season – never fit in with the Habs. He was yet another guy who couldn’t play ball within  the team’s strict disciplinary structure – he was suspended a couple of times and by the end of his tenure with les Habs, it was clear that Mr. Personality aka Coach Jacques Martin had lost all patience with the Belarusian player.

There is something of a theme here – the long list of players who got on the wrong side of Habs management thanks to their off-ice behaviour and were ejected from the team for not towing the party line. Think about it. It’s pretty wild when you think of all the guys in that boat – just off the top of my mind, I can think of a slew of guys who fit that description, including Guy lafleur, Chris Chelios, Shayne Corson, Guy Carbonneau, Mike Ribeiro, Mikhail Grabovski and SK.

The moral of today’s lesson? The squeaky-clean image of the sacred Habs is more important than winning on the ice.

Sigh (again).

– Brendan


  1. Howard says:

    Absolutely 100% right! And see what we could have had for 800K, and what we ended up keeping at $8M?

  2. topshelfbk says:

    Good point Howard. Hadn’t even thought of the money. And that has make me thinking of how we also could’ve kept Marc-André Bergeron for not much dough.

    • Howard says:

      Could have kept Dominic Moore, could have kept Roman Hamrlik, could have kept Jeff Halpern … I think Patrick Roy could still be playing had we kept the right coach … the list is endless. But that is why we are armchair GMs; we know all the right moves, while the suits have no clue.

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