Did Bob Gainey make the call on Perry Pearn?

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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On TSN 990 Radio Friday, Mitch Melnick and Tony Marinaro were agreeing that Habs GM Pierre Gauther would not have fired assistant coach Perry Pearns without first checking with Bob Gainey. Which begs the multi-millionaire-dollar question – is Gainey still on staff chez les Habs?

It’s the weirdest thing. Gainey stepped down as GM of a slumping Habs team in February, 2010 and, remember, it was a sudden departure. It was not a carefully orchestrated passing of the torch to his former right-hand-man Gauthier and, nor at the time nor since, have we heard a clear explanation of what happened that week.

Now here we are almost two years later and Gainey is still in the building. At the time, they said he would act as a consultant to the team but that is usually corporate-speak for ‘thanks for the work, see ya later pal!’. But it’s clear Gainey is still deeply involved in the team’s affairs.

Can you think of another situation like this in sports management? Or in corporate management period? You let go the president of the bank but he keeps showing up for work and telling the new president what he should do?

Melnick said that Gainey was on the trip to Boston Thursday with team president Geoff Molson. The disturbing thing here is that Gainey can be a major part of significant decisions for the club but has absolutely no responsibility to defend his actions with the team’s fans. That’s not weird. It’s wrong.

– Brendan

  1. Howard says:

    Maybe one day we’ll find out that Bob Gainey is actually the “secret president” of the Habs, and is acting as the decision-maker for Geoff Molson. It’s so cloak-and-dagger in that office nobody knows what’s going on.

    • topshelfbk says:

      I think I saw Gainey crouching just behind Gauthier during that press scrum the other day…..:))

      • Brendan says:

        It’s obvious that Gainey is Jim Henson reincarnated and Gauthier is Fozzie Bear !!
        Needless to say who the rest of the muppets are !!

      • Howard says:

        CBC stated something last night during the Hotstove, that it was too weird for a coach to be fired just before a game, and that maybe something was said by Pearn just that day. Players get traded out of Montreal for being bad boys, so does that mean coaches get fired if they’re just as bad, if the rumour is true?

  2. topshelfbk says:

    I still think the most viable theory is that Gauthier/Gainey fired Pearn to send a watch-out message to Martin.

  3. Dominique says:

    I’m kind of fascinated with this idea of Gainey lurking behind the shadows in the Bell Centre, calling the shots. it’s intriguing and I hope we hear more about it if someone out there wants to investigate.

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