Could it be that Pierre Gauthier actually knows what he’s doing?

Posted: October 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Thursday I was weighing in on the mystery wrapped in a riddle that is Habs GM Pierre Gauthier and, as usual, I wasn’t sounding too happy about the Canadiens’ fearless leader. But my old pal Daniel Sanger wrote in to Top Shelf – and we do love getting mail ’round these parts – after Thursday’s downright astonishing 2-1 victory in Beantown over the Bruins to suggest maybe Gauthier’s message got trhough to Jacques Martin and the players.

And it’s hard to argue with two straight victories over two of our arch rivals (and two pretty good teams), the Philadelphia Flyers and Boston. La Presse columnist Philippe Cantin makes a similar point in Friday’s paper, saying Gauthier sent a powerful message to everyone in the organization when he fired assistant coach Perry Pearn and then went and talked directly to the players.

I still don’t believe that Martin is the man for the job at hand and remain perplexed by Gauthier singling out Pearn as the problem. But something has changed chez les Habs in the last 48 hours. So let’s touch base on this again in a few games. See? I can be a reasonable guy every now and then (though not too often!).

– Brendan



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