The mystery wrapped in a riddle that is Pierre Gauthier

Posted: October 27, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So Montreal Canadiens general manager Pierre Gauthier finally broke his silence Wednesday to address the horrifying start of the season from his Habs and a day later I’m still trying to figure out what Gauthier’s message was. He fired assistant coach Perry Pearn and no one quite knows what to make of that. The Gazette’s Pat Hickey penned a good column suggesting Gauthier was sending a warning signal to head coach Jacques Martin by giving Martin’s old pal and longtime colleague the pink slip.

But Gauthier’s explanation for the firing was opaque at best.

“We don’t like the results right now and that brings us to evaluate a lot of things in the organization and it’s not about an individual person,” said Gauthier. “The result of Mr. Pearn being re-affected, if he accepts our offer, is more about a change from a global perspective, a big-picture perspective. We need to be better at what we do. We need to be more efficient and in order to do that, that is one of the changes we decided to make. But it is in no way a reflection of who he is as a person or what he’s been doing or his professionalism.”

Huh? So he’s suggesting he didn’t have any issues with Pearn. So why’d he toss him overboard? And how exactly is ditching one assistant coach going to turn things around? The Habs did go on to play one of their best games of this young season following the mystery firing, handily dominating Philadelphia 5-1. But most of us don’t believe that win had anything to do with Pearn’s firing. Mysterious.

Even odder is Gauthier’s analysis of the Canadiens’ performance so far this year. In Richard Labbe’s column in La Presse, Gauthier is quoted saying “I think we’ve played very well so far (this season), aside from the games against Calgary and Pittsburgh. We’re playing good but we’re not winning.”

Which begs the question. Has my favourite Vermonter being watching the same Habs team as the rest of us? Until last night’s match with the Flyers, I think it’s fair to say this has been a disastrous start for the Habs up until now and clearly there is much that is wrong with this team. Most nights, the lack of effort and/or the lack of results is mystifying. They’re in the cellar of the Eastern Conference and right near the bottom of the league. And Gauthier thinks that’s just dandy.

Hmmm….I guess it’s true that as long as the Bell Centre is full and Bell is still paying big bucks for the TV rights, management couldn’t give a hoot about the on-ice product. Well that’s kinda depressing.

– Brendan


  1. your tennis superior says:

    ready to eat your words, BK? they dump Perry and lo and behold they go out and beat two of the tougher teams in the conference. not that Perry was necessarily a problem but it seems the message got through.
    also i agree with Gauthier that the team has not been playing badly this year. one odd thing that i haven’t seen remarked upon: in almost every loss they have outshot the other team (and indeed were outshot in their only pre-Philly win…). and as you know pucks on net usually = wins unless the other goalie very hot or yours is cold.

    • topshelfbk says:

      No I’m not ready to eat my words (though I am ready to take you on on the courts any time pal!). Habs did look very good Wednesday against Philly and pretty good tonite against the Bruins (tho missing a little muscle as usual). But these wins have nothing to do with firing of Perry Chose (as les justiciers masqués dubbed him). And getting a lot of shots means nothing. Gotta get the shots behind the goalie. Let’s check back Saturday at 10 p.m.

  2. cleanhead says:

    You’re missing something. They won because Jaro Spacek came back. I didn’t realize that he is the most important player on the team until this week.

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