Habs lose again; forget the panic button, detonate the nuclear warheads

Posted: October 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Yup that’s right. The Habs are now 1-7. It’s their worst start since the War of 1812 and we are way beyond panic. But hey the rest of the week should be a piece of cake for these over-achievers – Phillie at the Bell Centre Wednesday and then a home-and-home series with dreaded rivals the Boston Bruins. The way things are going it’s a given that the suddenly-surging Jaromir Jagr – who we could’ve nabbed this summer – will notch a hat-trick Wednesday just to rub our faces in it and Zdeno Chara will crush every mini-Hab near him in the Boston games.

Here’s the skinny on Monday night’s dull bout with the Florida Panthers via some of my Twitter pals.

@manofbird – 1-0 Rusnak. (That’s when first Montreal goal, originally credited to Max Pacioretty, was credited to Erik Cole. The reference is to Jessica Rusnak, the TSN 990 Radio reporter who dared to ask Jacques Martin after Saturday’s loss to the Leafs why Darche was getting more power-play time than star forward Cole. Martin chuckled and basically ridiculed the reporter, and you know he never would’ve taken that condescending attitude if the reporter was a man.)

@habsinsideout1 – Markstrom is almost, dare I say it, Miller-esque tonight. (That would be six-foot-six Swede Jacob Markstrom, who was indeed pretty amazing Monday.)

@manofbird – Cammy knocked off the puck again, but I continue to care more than he does.

@JeanThomasJobin – Peter Budaj est dans le top 5000 des meilleurs goalers de l’histoire d’la Ligue!

@All_Habs – Excellent puck movement by #Panthers power-play. #Habs weren’t interested in PP guru Craig Ramsay when available this summer.

@CL_opez – Oh no, what happened to Patches? #freakingout (Pacioretty, the team’s best forward this season, left the game with an upper-body injury.)

@dellandream – Dear #Habs: really? I can hear my Bruins friend/rival laughing from across the Atlantic. Please hear this: you CANNOT LOSE THIS GAME! SMH

@shawnapel – I think I just saw Youppi take off his Habs sweater.

@sandrarinaldi – We in deep doudou. #gohabsgo

@richardlabbe – Ça hue en masse au Centre Bell….La saison va être longue…..

@HunterZThompson – I’ve been with Leafs-Flyers & baseball for most of 3rdp. Zero energy level at Bell Centre, it seems.

@BaruchelNDG – “from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high” #longweekahead

@ArponBasu – Armageddon

@brendanshowbiz – Would that be 1-7 for Nos Habs? Where’s that panic button?



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