How long ’til Jacques Martin gets shown the door?

Posted: October 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been joking since the start of the season about pressing the panic button but if you don’t have your finger on the button this morning, you’re not alive. Or you’re not a Habs fan – and the latter possibility is just not imaginable!

In old-school terms, Nos Glorieux are 1-5 on the season. For the lay-person, that’s one measly win – against the lowly Winnipeg Jets, who are tied with the Habs in the cellar of the Eastern Conference – and four losses. Thursday night in Pittsburgh was a horror show. They lost3-1 to a Penguins team missing Sidney Crosby, Evegani Malkin, and Kris Letang, and the Canadiens looked lifeless, in a kind of morose, catatonic, just-psychotic state.

It is nothing less than a disastrous start. Which might be a good thing. Why? Because it might just finally force owner Geoff Molson to wake-up and realize he can’t be Mr. Nice Guy anymore. So here’s the question du jour? How long does this nightmare on La Gauchetière go on before coach known as Mr. Personality gets the pink slip?

The best comment I heard re this was on Twitter Thursday night, from @jimpeak who responded to my Martin question with the following comment: ‘The problem isn’t Martin alone; it’s the 15 yrs of conservative management and lack of passion by the managers.’

I couldn’t agree more. The Habs haven’t won anything since the spring of 1993. The only bright light was the shocking playoff run in 2010 but there is one reason and one reason only for that three-series stand – Jaro Halak, whom GM Pierre Gauthier promptly traded that summer. Who’d we get in return? Don’t ask.

Do we have A-list management and coaches running the show here? To ask the question is to get your answer. Over to you Geoff!

– Brendan

  1. Nat Merenda says:

    Finally we see eye to eye. I have been preaching since two years ago. This team has taken on the image if it’s coach. Lifeless unimaginative uncreative predictable catatonic repetitive and freakin boring!!!
    Get rid of JM and PG. we need balls here.
    1. How can a serious team sign Eric Cole then play him 13 min in Pittsburg even after Gimez goes down?
    2. How can a team NOT use Cole and Patches on the Powerplay to block off net?
    3. How can we win with Moen on top two lines!
    4. Why is Enquist here?
    5. Why do we not have a bruising 4 th line?
    6. Why is centre man Eller not playing Center?

    And so on.,,,,

    Lose this guy NOW

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