Will Scott Gomez bounce back this year?

Posted: September 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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That’s the $7.5 million question. Will Montreal Canadiens centre Scott Gomez come storming back after the worst season of his career last year?

I kind of doubt it. Why so pessmistic? ‘Cause his stats are on the down and down for the past couple of years not just last season. In 2010-2011, he had a measly – okay downright pathetic – seven goals and a mediocre 31 assists, and let’s face it twas pretty painful to watch him most nights.

But the year before wasn’t exactly an All-Star season either. He had 12 goals and 59 points, which is not totally horrifying but hardly great numbers for the guy who’s supposed to be your No. 1 centre and makes an obscene amount of money.2008-2009, his last season with the New York Rangers, wasn’t much better, with Gomer nabbing 16 goals and 58 points. Which has you wondering why exactly Bob Gainey went and picked him – and his pricey contract – up that year.

You have to go all the way back to 2005-2006 to find anything to get even midly excited about in Gomez’s production – that was the year he notched 33 goals and 84 points for the New Jersey Devils.

Gomez is 31 now and to be brutally honest, it just might be that his best days are behind him. I remember seeing this career highlight package on Gomez on Hockey Night in Canada during the playoffs last spring and you saw a different Gomez in the clips, with the Devils-era Gomez crashing the net and playing with a drive we’ve never seen here in Montreal.

As a Habs fan, I’m hoping I’m wrong on this one, but right at this exact nanosecond, there isn’t much reason to be particularly optimistic about the mystery wrapped in a riddle that is Scott Gomez.

– Brendan Kelly

  1. Justin says:

    Ok then, let’s talk turkey. How many points will he garner this year ?

    I saw you are wrong (surprise!) and that he’ll put out a somewhat respectable 60 points. Yes, I said it, S I X T Y points.

    What say you ?


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