Réjean Tremblay is headed to Quebecor: Will be on TVA Sports and writing for Le Journal de Montréal

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well it’s nice to be right. In this very space a couple of weeks back, I confirmed that star La Presse sports columnist Réjean Tremblay, who was leaving the paper, would be crossing town to join the new cable channel TVA Sports and I suggested it was highly likely that he would also be writing for arch La Presse rival Le Journal de Montréal.

Well what do you know? Quebecor held a press conference Wednesday morning to announce with much pomp and fanfare that Tremblay will be on-air on TVA Sports this fall, when the channel makes its debut in September, and he will become a columnist for Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Quebec on March 1, 2012. He will also be providing sports commentary on TVA and TVA’s all-news channel LCN.

In addition, Tremblay will be developing drama series with TVA, something he’s done for years.

The funny thing here is that when it was announced a couple of weeks back that he was leaving La Presse, there was all kinds of speculation about whether the veteran sports columnist was leaving to join Quebecor. Instead of speculating, I simply penned a short email to M. Tremblay with a couple of questions – en francais, évidemment – and he quickly responded, confirming that he was going to be working for TVA Sports, writing series for TVA and might well join Le Journal too. Which confirms a great rule of journalism – always ask the questions and you might just get the answers!

And what does this mean for hockey journalism in Quebec? Simply that one of the toughest critics of the Canadiens is now working for an empire that might soon be home to the Habs new rival – Les Nordiques. Very interesting indeed.

Hugo Dumas has a fairly exhaustive column on Tremblay in Thursday’s La Presse, in which he notes that Tremblay is only starting in March, 2012 with Le Journal due to a non-compete clause he had with La Presse. Stephanie Myles also has a piece in The Montreal Gazette, which mentions that Pierre Peladeau first offered Tremblay a job way back in 1984.



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