The newest addition to the Montreal Canadiens, power forward Erik Cole, is splashed all over the local papers Friday morning. That’s cos he was at the Bell Sports Complex in Brossard on Thursday to meet the meeting for the first since signing as a free agent with the Habs a couple of weeks back.

Click here for Pat Hickey’s story on Cole in The Gazette and click ici for the piece by Richard Labbe in La Presse, in which Cole suggests that the 2011 Habs have a lot in common with the 2006 Carolina Hurricanes…..who just happened to win the Stanley Cup that year.

And then click here for columnist Arpon Basu’s typically thoughtful piece on Cole, focusing on whether or not it’s fair to say he’s injury-prone and looking at his less-than-spectacular year with the Edmonton Oilers. And click here for Associated Press article on Cole’s visit to Montreal.

Reading all this, one thing came to mind – we shouldn’t pin all of our hopes on one forward. Cole is a good addition for a team desperately short of power forwards but a 26-goal-scorer is not going to carry the team on his shoulders.

– Brendan



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