Looks like La Presse sports columnist Réjean Tremblay headed to Quebecor

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The main talking point amongst Montreal hockey fans over the past 24 hours has been the surprise announcement that award-winning sports columnist Réjean Tremblay is leaving La Presse – effefctive immediately. Click ici to read his last column.

So what’s the Scoop? Pun intended, of course. (Tremblay was the co-author of Scoop, the newsroom drama that remains one of the most fun shows to air on Quebec TV over the past quarter century.) There is a lot of talk that Tremblay may end up heading across town to work for La Presse’s arch rival Le Journal de Montréal and maybe also TVA Sports, the new sports channel being launched this fall by Le Journal owner Quebecor.

In response to a couple of email questions, Tremblay told me that he is definitely writing a new series for TVA, that he will partcipate on some shows on TVA Sports, and, he went on to say that, “After, in a few months, I’ll see about Le Journal de Montreal.”

In his piece in The Gazette Saturday, Pat Hickey only says that Tremblay will now be focusing more of his energy on film and TV writing. Patrick White – who you can follow on Twitter at @PatWhite70 – tweeted Friday to say that Tremblay, on with Premiere Chaine host Franco Nuovo, was saying he hopes to continue with his journalism, which would lend some credence to the Quebecor rumour. Like where else would he write hockey columns? Le Devoir?

Tremblay is one of the city’s iconic hockey scribes, kind of a franco Red Fisher if you will. What I’ve always liked about Tremblay is that  he’s not afraid to blast the Canadiens – something not many sports journalists do in this town. Yeah sure he jumps on his nationalist hobby-horse a little too easily. But though I don’t share his politics, I agree 100-percent with his longstanding argument that former captain Saku Koivu should’ve learned to parlez-vous at least a little bit during his lengthy tenure with the Montreal Canadiens. And he’s also right that it’s a disgrace that the team has not been able to develop any franco stars in the past 15 years. You don’t have to be a card-carrying PQ member to agree with that point. That’s just bad management of the team, period.

So will be interesting to see where Tremblay lands. I sent him an email asking about this and I’ll let you know if he replies. Actually would be quite something if Quebecor nabs the Quebec Nordiques and all of a sudden Tremblay becomes the main colour man for the Nords games on TVA Sports. Oh boy, the Habs management will like this guy even less.

– Brendan

P.S. Click ici for Yves Boisvert’s column from Monday’s La Presse on his memories of Tremblay.



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