I know, I know, I sound like Don Cherry but what can I say? Grapes sometimes makes sense – when he’s not talking about politics, Europe, Quebec or the Boston Bruins. I am on record as being very happy to see Erik Cole suiting up for Nos Canadiens and that gives us two power fowards in Cole and Max Pacioretty – which is two more than we’ve had in the past decade. (An aside. The last time we had a truly great power forward, we promptly traded him – John Leclair – to the Flyers so he could torture us with goal after goal for the next decade. Did I mention that we traded Leclair after he scored two OT goals in the Stanley Cup final against the Kings? Ah the good old days. End of aside.) And Cole hits – there is a good piece on The Instigator with Habsterix underlining the number of hits that came courtesy of Cole last year – a whopping 225!

But now we need to add some more muscle. It may sound primitive but, sadly, it has to be done. Do you remember last season? We owned the Bruins all year until they came out one night and beat the bleeping you-know-what out of us. They figured – ‘O.K. we can’t beat them in the skill game, so let’s intimidate them.’ And it worked. That’s part of the reason they won the Cup and the Habs didn’t. And I haven’t carefully studied the 2011-2012 National Hockey League schedule but my gut instinct tells me we might just be playing the Bruins once or twice next season. And it won’t be Scotty Gomer who is going to stand-up for us against the Big Bad Bruins. (Actually Gomez will be standing up for the Bulldogs, right?)

Steve Fusinato has a good piece over at the Bleacher Report on ‘Sizing Up the Bottom Six: What are Pierre Gauthier’s Options?’. Like many, he takes note of the fact that the Ottawa Senators snapped up tough guy Zenon Konopka this week – and the Habs didn’t. He goes on to list a number of tuff players Gauthier might like to take a look at, including Brad Winchester, Jarko Ruutu and Cam Janssen.

I think this should be priority No. 1 for Habs GM Pierre Gauthier now. We have all the skill we need. Now we need someone who can respond when the Bruins waltz into the Bell Centre in October and taunt us with their Stanley Cup rings.

– Brendan


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