So glad the Stanley Cup final is over…..

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So now we can get back to obsessively talking about Nos Canadiens. It’s hilarious. The Bruins won the Cup on Wednesday – yikes! Chara with the Cup! doube yikes! – and there I was Friday at the sandwich shop happily talking Habs with the shop owner and my pal Warren. Turns out Hal Gill had been in for a sandwich earlier in the day – a huge one, obviously, for the Gentle Giant – and we all agreed it was great that Skillsy had re-signed with the club. To me, it’s worth a couple of million bucks even if it just helps provide a father figure for P.K. Subban. Fact is Gill is a great playoff performer and we need more guys like him, who’ve won it all and can provide some presence in the room.

Then it was on to Andrei Markov, which is where the debate started. I floated the idea that we should take a pass on the Russian defenseman for the simple reason that he and his agent are gonna want a pricey long-term deal and to my mind that’s just too risky given what’s happened with Markov over the past two seasons on the injury front. Why not save a few million with Markov and sign Wisniewski. I forget who suggested that to me but it’s kinda got a nice ring to it.

By today, the Habs discussion had moved on to that totally imaginary notion that Jaromir Jagr might make his return to the NHL with the Canadiens next season. I started the day listening to the guys chatting this up on The Franchise on Team 990 and later munching on Hungarian sausages at the street fair on St. Laurent Blvd., the Czech fellow doling out the sausages said he knew Tomas Plekanec and that he thought it would be brilliant to have Plek and Jagr on the same team. (He runs the Prague resto on Cote des Neiges and says Plek occasionally drops by.)

I’m a Jagr fan but he’s not gonna work his magic here. First off, Jacques Martin would just lose it coaching Jagr and, secondly, we already have too much skill on this team. We don’t need any more finesse. We need toughness, heart, and grit. So much for that one.

You know what? Looking forward to these Habs chats continuing all summer…..

One last thing. The same guy at the sausage stand told us Plek got married Friday in Prague – the city, not the Montreal restaurant. The lucky lady is Lucka Vondrackova, she’s apparently a major pop star in the Czech Republic and click here to see – and hear – Ms. Vondrackova.

– Brendan


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